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  • paxbuv paxbuv Mar 21, 2012 4:17 PM Flag

    Another alpha article - sure it will be below 4 tomorrow


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    • Actually, it was a well balanced article citing both the plus and negatives to TSRX. The major thing any investor should consider is that TSRX is undervalued right now. Multiple analysts within the past 2 weeks have put price targets at $12-14. This stock should be $6-7 range right now which makes it a minimum sale price at 20% discount. If tedizolid makes it to market and the gyrase program shows promise, look for this stock to hit mid 20s if its not bought out before then.

    • I plan to hold TSRX for a long time and agree with you 100%.

      ARNA good for trading. I would not hold for the binary events. JMO

      People can lose more pounds by eating correctly. That one was not horribly efficacious from reading up on it before. Several diet pills and cocktails cause serious problems. Risk / Benefit questionable. Us pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists know these things.

      SNTS and AFFY I have been making a killing on.

      Just started buying RGEN low $4's. They already have rev's. PDUFA in June.

      SNTS has some events this fall. PDUFA for Uceris UC treatment and Phase 3 results for Rhucin for acute treatment of HAE. Rhucin already selling in EU and Uceris known formulation and active ingredient, so likely approval, IMO. SNTS has already 4 marketed products and is profitable. GLTU brandon

    • I agree that ARNA is not the most efficacious, but still when compared to a placebo group that received diet and exercise counseling, there was a statistical weight loss to the tune of 18 lbs at 1 year in the lorcaserin group. The parts that impress me most about lorcaserin are the secondary endpoints with improvement in A1C of 0.9 (on par with current diabetes meds), blood pressure improvement, fasting blood sugar -27 points, decreased weight circumference etc. There are also studies in the pipeline that show it decreased nicotine cravings in rats (Maybe it will in humans also?)

      Overall, marginal efficacy, but safer than the others in the pipeline right now. I plan to hold and hedge my bets. Taking half off the table going into May 10th ADCOM. Previous vote was 9-4, but this time around they did more studies refuting cancer risk, did cardiovascular safety trials and did another phase 3 Bloom-DM trial. All of this + the fact they gave VVUS a 20-2 positive vote for what IMO is a higher safety risk drug, leads me to believe ARNA should show favorably as well.

      Hopefully with those earnings, I plan to increase my stake in Trius.

    • Hope you sold ARNA. what a dud today

    • Yeah, not a great a day, but I didn't want to have a knee jerk reaction. Why did it fall today? This is common pullback.

    • Standard run-up, sell to the "New Investors". The chart looks like a scary TOP if it can't stay up at this level for ARNA.

    • Do you own any ARNA shares? If so how are you playing ARNA?

    • Unfortunately, I don't have any ARNA (wish I had some @ $2), just here for TSRX. It seems like a nice run-up, but MAY 10 is a ways off. Do you like the chart? I know you mentioned technicals in some of your posts. Don't listen to me, I don't get them all right, and technicals can be wrong (sometimes), anything can happen. I just try to figure it out, and then buy or sell. VVUS showing some cracks today. ARNA went from $2 to over $3 very quickly.

      I wish TSRX went from $5 to 7.5 or $8 in 7 days (similar magnitude to ARNA move). TSRX will have it's day.

    • Wow, Did you see ZLCS move today? Kitty in @ $1.09 and under last few days.

    • I bought at 1.83, 1.91 and 2.01 for ARNA and hold 8200 shares. The technicals have been bullish lately and momentum is good. Price was driven down today by a downgrade to neutral (analyst reasoning was bogus) and an ADCOM discussing cardiovascular safety and whether pre/post approval trials need to be done for obesity drugs hence VVUS tanking. ARNA should have enough cardio safety data, and is the safest, but least effective. I'm straddling the fence right now as to take the profits, or ride it out a little longer.

      I've started looking at ZLCS recently, but I haven't done enough research on it. What's your brief synopsis?

      I'm hoping to add more TSRX soon and believe fair value should be $6-7 range right now, but interest is lacking as there is literally not much news to come in the near future.

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