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  • brandonuk03 brandonuk03 Dec 15, 2012 1:00 PM Flag

    Where's the Troll who sold 8900 at 4.50? Great call

    I think the guy was legit, which is kinda sad that he missed this run. However, if you knew what you were investing in, you would have thought about the following:

    1) Sold at 52 week lows. Is this a good idea?
    2) ATM financing deal was announced in August and exercised once in October. The day following the exercise, the price went up.
    3) Phase 3 data coming soon provides a nice catalyst.
    4) Technicals pointing to oversold territory and favored long trades (1-6 week)
    5) Why does someone have 9300 shares on the bid at 4.50 after the dilution was announced and why am I the only person selling in after hours? Guy was thinking, "Nice, I'm the first one to get out before this tanks tomorrow." LOL

    I pulled about 30% of my shares out around 5.12, then the stock shot to the 5.20s, then pulled back. Hopefully it keeps running, but I've leveraged some free cash in case we see another dip in the 4's. Looking at starting a position in HPTX (PDUFA catalyst Jan 21st I believe). Trading close to 52-week lows.

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    • I appreciate everyone's concerns and speculative analysis on why I made the call to sell in after hours. Yes, i am the Troll ;0 you are seeking. Alas i have nothing to add other than please do not feel sorry for me. The stock market is a wonderful game and i have learned over the years to not let my highs get too high and my lows too low. I had only taken a position in TSRX in the previous 36 hours and was happy selling AH taking a small profit without having to be at all concerned with how the market would react to the dilution. I fully understood the risk / reward and like all calls, it was a gamble that in hindsight was flat out wrong. I had been a previous shareholder in TSRX and knew the entry price was outstanding, ST indicators were all positive , etc but gambled that at a minimum the stock would continue drifting and if it didn't react negatively i could at least get back in reasonable close to where i exited. In essence i got too greedy and it turned out to be the catalyst to start the RUN. Trust me, i have been on the wrong side of trades that have led to the missed "opportunity" of $100,000's and have learned to accept the market for what it is and not let the misses weigh me down no matter how big or small. That being said, it takes me about 24 hours to get over the $100,000 misses :) Thankfully i have been on the other side more often than not where the opposite is true and nothing is sweeter. I am typically a buy and hold guy but as of Dec 1st I moved 90% to cash to wait out the election / fiscal cliff, tax selling season and am just day trading for something to do. The good news i did move my money into VELT yesterday and was able to buy on the dip, $3.68, and sell at the peak, $3.89 for a nice 6.4% gain which at least offset the Friday run in TSRX. Monday will be another day.


      FYI, If it drops back below $5 in the New Year when i move back into the market i will be a long term buyer. The real opportunity will not be $4.50 to $5.. it will be $5 to $10.... I have no problem giving up 10% to make 90%.


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