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  • siamesekitty711 siamesekitty711 Mar 6, 2013 12:18 PM Flag

    Where is Cheese Balls, question on PRAN

    PRAN is a nice trading stock, up and down, you still in cheese balls? It didn't hit $3 yet. Drug doing well, any more catalysts coming?

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    • Kitty, I have been following a lot of your posts over the course of several months and I have to feel that you are genuine in your suggestions and opinions of stocks and not a pumper. At least that is my cautious view at this time. I have been in SNTS for a while and have been in and out of PRAN a couple times. PRAN is definitely an intriguing stock that I have followed for about 7 years now. I currently hold no stock in there, but it presents an incredible amount of upside.

      Basically wanted to applaud you for what appears to be a person on a message board that isn't interested in their own personal gain at the expense of others, but wants to express his/her due diligence on a particular company to help others make an informed decision. Thank you for that and I hope that my outside observation is accurate.

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      • Yes, I don't want anybody to lose money. The smaller ones can be dicey and leave bagholders. I like the PRAN story, but only have a tiny bit, same with NAVB. SNTS is my biggest then TSRX. Most of the rest are catalyst plays, I guess. I have started a position in PTX, once mergers are done it may be fine. I have so many positions open, currently. I don't really like to post the ones that are more risky, as don't want to see others get caught. Some of these are for trades and some long term and some were started this week and some six months ago, NAVB, PRAN, PTX, APPA, DRRX, ZLCS, BLRX, SCLN, DSCO, LCI, XNPT, AEZS, SCLN, CHTP (I don't really have favorites in this group and some I will sell if the pop on news, you can do DD on some of them). Most are around reasonable prices except for LCI, which took off recently, I don't know how high it will go. SNTS and TSRX I am holding long with no trading. :#3

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    • Cheese ball Pran lover and truckdriver buying NAVB. what do we do now. NAVB has earnings, scary. PRAN is trying to go up.

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