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  • em438 Mar 12, 2013 8:23 PM Flag


    Hey kitty...affy is looking ripe for a run-up. 0.2% severe allergy... so what, Amgen's Epogen has this warning also, as well as stroke, as well as heart attack...Omontyts will be back to 15 in 3 months. See you there.

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    • emmer, thanks for bringing me the beat up mouse. So you think they just do a skin test prior and if no allergy everything is Kosher, and patient get drug? The company is mum on how they want proceed, maybe still trying to figure a way. I think, validate some allergy test write a black box and get back on the market in not too long.

      Tysabri killed some people, got pulled, and then put back on the market with black box and protocol how to monitor patients. Biogen just took Tysabri off ELN hands. Best to you and other AFFY holders. It is a little iffy, but without that it wouldn't be so cheap. Everybody seeing this, just buy not too many AFFY that you can't sleep at night, and do some DD. Huge risk or huge reward, which will win in the end?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy