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  • doodieonu doodieonu May 11, 2013 7:28 AM Flag

    IGXT is the only stock left to buy because it hasn't run and 2ANDA's + 2NDA's are being filed in 2013

    There are 4 major FDA filings coming in 2013 for IGXT with one of them, an NDA just having been filed a few weeks ago. We are expecting another 505(b)(2)NDA for the Erectile Dysfunction film and also an ANDA on the Antihypertensive VersaTab drug and also an ANDA filing for the Par drug all this year. Don't believe me, this is all shown per the company's new March 2013 presentation. This is free money at this level for whoever is smart enough to realize what is about to happen. Please click on my name and review all of my posts and you will see this 100% for real. IGXT never ran at all with the bulls the last 3+ years or in this last biotech bull market we have had. it should have been leading the pack but the market makers on the stock are no good and we are now at the point where they have gotten the market cap down to 30M which is an obvious giveaway. Take advantage of all their hard work they took to systematically destroy the absolute best stock there is out there and make an easy bundle. I have been in the stock for 3+ years and although these MM's have ruined me financially they have not shaken me out or broken my will. I urge you to understand what has happened with IGXT so that you can take advantage of something that is clearly not right. A company with a 30M MCAP that is filing 2 ANDA's and 2NDA's in 6 months is the easiest money you will ever make. All you have to do is buy the stock and wait a few weeks to a few months. Congrats to everyone in advance who takes my advice.

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    • penny stock...i never invest in these.....always have to wait and wait and to invest in stocks over 5 buck...even 10 is better..Good Luck

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      • Thanks for the wishes of luck. You should take another look. The only obstacle is the market makers who have turned out to be the most crooked of the crooked kind. They have pushed this so far as to have had everyone lose faith but they are noone to be scared of anymore. They are giving their shares away now in hopes of scaring others into giving them more but they are making a big mistake at t his point. they are sadists who not only want to steal everyones shares but want to laugh and humilitate and make jokes as they do it. That is the definition of a sadist so that is our only blemish. The market makers need to lose their shares at this level if they want to try and put them on the line to try and steal more. We have been updated and all is fine and there is no excuse anymore except for these people. the stock cannot go any lower trust me on this this - they will make it appear like it is as they are doing now but believe me they are losing so they resort to showboat shorting but now that is making 4X the mistake thats why you buy with both hands. They are all way net long they are just playing around with people because they are sadists who don't see the damage they cause and think it's all funny game to fleece people for 3+ years until they are really broken in life. We are getting off this exchange very soon on our own merits with or without these people involved in keeping the stock at a ridiculous 30M MCAP the new COO Khosla knows about the problem here and he is going to send these people off real soon. These MM's know their days are numbered so they will rocket the stock before. They own all the shares now. they stole everything and so while we await big news they now have nothing to do but continue to play with us. But they are giving their shares away in the process and now they are not even doing that anymore it is so low, they are just trying to small short it and scare to continue to try and humiliate us retail people before they let it go bigtime.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy