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  • sphericalkutz sphericalkutz May 17, 2013 2:23 AM Flag

    Insider Activity

    Up late doing my mid month check of insider activity for all my stocks held off the NASDAQ website and for TSRX. Yahoo is not reporting these yet so ya must go to the other stated site. I note some insider activity-especially over the last week by multiple managment in TSRX. Most appear to be small sales. Most are linked to 10b5-1 plans previously in place.

    The CSO (Finn) has had 4 transactions in the last three months. The rest appear to have reported one sale. The reporting for 10% owner KPCB is a bit more interesting as a larger chunk of shares were dispersed to their members, but its unknown what the members then did with their dispersed shares.

    I do not place super heavy emphasis on insider sales under pre-set plans, related to the news stream and I don;t over react to small sales (only big ones) periodically as everybody has to pay their taxes, buy cars, send kids to college and make a little off their shares. But since it was not being talked about apparently on this board, I thought I would make ya all aware of the latest. iI does not change my holdings in this equity at this time which is hold a core and trade around it.

    iI is interesting to coorelate these sales to the PPS activity of the stock in the timeperiod both happened. Especially the last week. I am sure options expiration is playing a role in the movement of the PPS as well.

    Not soft bashing here---I do this for all my stocks every thirty days at this time.point in the month. I don;t like to be blind-sided by CEO and managment of companies dumping big-time shares under my nose. I think impact of what I reported is overall low here.



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    • Good catch on the insider activity, I missed this. On the one hand, there was some insider selling in ACAD in the $8+ range not long ago and it's $14+ today. On the other hand, I always worry when a CFO sells stock. Maybe TSRX will sell some stock in the not too distant future unless they find a deep pocketed partner. As far as the distributes shares, I would expect most of them to be sold, hence the lack of sustainable upward movement for now. TSRX might be stuck in a trading range until the shares are sold. All IMO, not advice, I am long.

    • What are, "all your stocks"?

      • 2 Replies to siamesekitty711
      • Ms Kitty: At the moment I am into ARNA, AMRN, AVNR, BMRN, CADX, ECYT, INCY, THRX, OPK, and of course TSRX. I am also keeping my eye on EXEL, CRIS, and even DARA. Some trading shorter term, some trading around a core, and some just a long (about 1/3 each)

        I also do natural resources in mutliple forms and a couple others in different sectors (like for instance I have played shipping ike SSW). The rest gets mutual funded out. For example technology---I am a dunce--I don;t do individual stocks in many other sectors. I know what I do well at and what I stink at! With my drug development background bio is my baby!

        Have a good market week Kitty. Nice start here this AM!



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      • Although your question wasn't directed to me, in addition to TSRX, take a look at GTXI and TKMR...

    • adamzmia1 May 19, 2013 11:02 AM Flag

      I saw that a big chunk was distributed to members. This funds only investment is TSRX. I think there are two options as to why that big chunk was distributed, 1. As payment to the members, who either wanted out of the fund or maybe an automatic grant or 2. The fund fell below the 10% holding threshold when it made the distributions, thus it no longer had any duty to report it's holdings. Maybe the fund no longer wished to be subject to the reporting requirements?

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      • Adam: of all the insider transactions, that one peaked my interst the most. The rest was programmed stuff. The reason they did it: I don;t know---guess ya could spin their move positively or negatively in my mind. if the memebrs are selling , then its negative at some level--If they are holding them in their hot little hands for something, then it could be positive iMO! We will have to wait and see if it has any real impact verus fundamentals and upcoming regulatory?

        From here on out moving forward, it is worth watching insider activity a bit more closely if ya ask me!



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    • Thnx much

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    • thanks for the heads up, I added this week. I covered my calls about a week ago while I was still ahead, good thing! got lucky on the timing. I'll probably sell the 10's for next month this week.

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    • thank you sir

    • Thanks, kutz ...

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