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  • khumbu61 khumbu61 Jul 6, 2013 6:31 PM Flag


    KItty and Beaver, your take on the technology?

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    • Hi Khumb, You know me, I stick to my guns - knowing how TSRX will pan out in one year. We could be on the way up and we were here early when this pond was stagnant with Beaver. I have a huge position in TSRX and am not planning to change that to go into CEMP.
      I am watching CEMP and would like to see the safety data as EM and Beaver have stated.
      Best to you and other TSRX longholders.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • em438 Jul 7, 2013 9:40 AM Flag

      what do you think TEDdy bear?

    • em438 Jul 7, 2013 9:40 AM Flag

      From an earlier post...solithromycin is direct analog of Ketek (toltithromycin), however the pyridine ring has been replaced with an aniline ring. Anilines are bad news and there is reason why they are not found in drugs, they are known to be mutagenic and to cause severe liver toxicity. Ketek was a good antibiotic right up until people experienced liver failure and death. Ketek was pretty clean in clinical trials and I'm guessing that Solithromycin will be clean too. Needless to say, I would not be the first in line to get Solithromycin.

      Fusidic acid in a steroidal antibiotic and it to suffers from liver toxicity so I really don't see how increasing its dose to get around efficacy and resistance problems is going to help. Cempra also looks like it also wants to combine this turd with rifampin (which is also known to be a liver toxin).

      Overall, I see the clinical trial running pretty smoothly leading us to a filing and subsequent pdufa date, providing us with lots of profits, but I would never take these products (at least while I was conscience).

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      • em438
        again thanx for the scientific insight. Too bad Joe public isn't as aware of potential pitfalls until they are forced to recall such products as a result of toxicity issues much later in the game. It almost seems unethical to be investing in CEMP knowing of their potential product toxicity. Do you think medical professionals will hesitate prescribing these products if Cempra can navigate through the safety trials?

    • I posted this bfr. not nearly as promising nor safe as TZD.
      1.solithromycin works on gonorrhea, chlamydia, UTI as well as CABP but your liver may suffer later and at the cost of not having any more slushy drinks.
      2.TAKSTA(phaseII) resistance developed & was noted when used in less potent initial doses. Toxicity in greater doses may limit not only its efficacy but it's combo applications with other antibiotics.
      These are both fusidic acid based and are bacteriostatic which limit bacterial growth and
      would have greater resistance tendency unlike bactericidals like TZD which kill bacteria. Big difference