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  • golongin2008 golongin2008 Jul 23, 2013 10:43 AM Flag

    DRTX Hits $8.95 Nopw $8...

    Took that one down fast just under 9 and now just above 8.
    On 150k shares total volume...Man...Don't want to be heading for the exit on that name in some crisis! LOL

    Own both but obviously...FAR over weighted in TSRX from $4.15.

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    • You bought in on Dec 11/12 @ $4.15? Funny I thought you started your TSRX position Jan30/13 when the SP was $5.07.

    • Hi Golong
      Did you chk out ONVO .....developing liver cell structures using 3D printing techniques ...for liver toxicity drug tests.
      All orally administered drugs must pass a liver tox test its potentially big biz.

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      • AK....ONVO looks promising but the Fognac's (brothers??) who have 12.5 million of the shares and apparently founded the company, look kind of like promoters with alot of other "irons" in the fire in addition to ONVO. Both look terribly bright and Andras is a Harvard MBA with honors, etc, but I'd be more impressed if the "scientific" development team had some type of track record in 3D tissue modeling, or I knew more about "ZenBio" etc. Frankly, given where they seem to be at today, it
        looks like the stock has gotten quite a bit ahead of fundamentals, but if you got in under 3 not a bad
        #$%$ shoot. I'd be more confident if ONVO was the only company these Andras guys were involved in, but it's not.

        Thanks for the mention and I'll watch it, and keep the ideas coming!

      • AK....Will definitely check that one out. Sounds interesting! Thanks for the mention and will let you know what I find or when I buy!