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  • yakimajeff yakimajeff Dec 10, 2012 1:53 PM Flag

    America, the Fed and VTSS

    The Fed realizes the American government is 16 trillion dollars (probably more) in debt.... so what?
    They also know the government can't and won't pay it down. Therefore, the Fed is going to print money out of thin air in order to continue the illusion of American prosperity. They have to. The alternatives are runs on grocery stores, runs on banks, and general chaos.

    The media knows this. That's why they broadcast inane, non-thinking TV shows.... so what?
    Keep the people as brain-dead as possible. Keep them happy until the SHTF.

    Does VTSS know this also?
    Why get a loan when you can create money out of thin air? More shares, more dilution.... so what?
    There's salaries to fund.
    There's vacations to fund.
    There's retirement plans to fund.
    There's golden parachutes to fund.

    ...And it's the retail investor who gets to take the golden shower.

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