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  • mrge_sux mrge_sux Nov 17, 2006 11:19 AM Flag

    I don't get it

    I am not an investor in mrge because I get sick on roller coasters and I like my money.

    What is Merge's mission statement? I thought they produced imaging/clinical/workflow systems for hospitals and imaging centers predominately in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Don't these healthcare systems fall under strict HIPAA regulatory standards? What does off-shoring the product development to India do to this?

    Even if this is possible (probably with technology today), I just do not see how this will ultimately save time and speed up product deliverables. See this is how it works people... 95% of your customers are in the U.S. (North America), your upper management people are in the U.S., and your experienced product and domain knowledge people are in the U.S.... How will moving engineering to India "speed up development"...?

    In my opinion the quality of products will suffer, greatly. Plus now when a disgruntled customer hops on the phone to get support they will get an individual on the phone that is very difficult to understand. Did you ever listen to the customer support at Dell? In a critical patient care situation this will not be good.

    So, the way I see it... Products will eventually fall on their face because of the communication between Merge US and Merge India, customer support will suffer because of product knowledge and basic communication skills, and there might even be a few HIPAA/ISO issues that will need to be hurdled. In the end it will be PATIENTS and their healthcare that suffer. I thought Merge was all about Patient care?

    WOW... Is that all? This sure beats keeping the good and very talented employees that made Merge what it was 3 years ago.

    I won't even go into the whole taking AMERICAN jobs and sending them to India. Good job Merge executives and Board. You should be proud of putting people through hell and back again.

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    • Up to the time Ken Rardin came in, you might be right. However as conservative as he has sounded, and with the specific direction he has chosen to take, at least he has proven, he is capable of making decisions. And he also has indicated, he has the brains to rely on others
      to provide and utilize the existing information. I don't get the slightest impression, that he plans to be with MRGE for six months and then take the money and run. It is my opinion, at this point, that he will get the job done. Give
      the guy a chance! He has only been here a few months.

    • I am sorry if u r a disgruntled employee/ex employee.
      You argument here is full of unreasonable extropolations in that you did not even address your main intended topic, which is HOW IS MOVING ENGINEERINING to Ghandi going to help MRGE?
      I have to stop here.
      Do your home work, and you can put all together

    • You bring up a good poing that is so obvious that I completly overlooked it. Merge has had so much trouble working with properly between their offices with everything not just development. Even Support, testing and administration has their fair share of headaches when dealing with another office (mostly because the ass-hats in MKE thought they new everything, but that's just my opinion). I can't wait to see the Pune development and support working with the other offices to accomplish seamless service.


    • Both gates and jobs were smart enough to attend ivy league colleges prior to finding a better opportunity. Their intelligence level was never in question. How many can you point out who never applied themselves prior to college who succeeded?

    • Ha! Me too. It didn't matter what his performance was like when you had a CEO, CFO, and President running around trying to figure out ways to up the price without actual sales. I hope he is a single man since he will spend 50% of his time in India.

      I would say the success rate of development going across the world is very low considering he couldn't keep it together with development in Mil, Cle, Tor, Bos, and whereveer else code was being spit out.

      When was the last time you saw a "significant" product release come out of this place?

    • I'm surprised that he's managed to stick around for so long, considering he only managed to get the position of CTO when the founder of eFilm decided to leave.
      I wonder how successful it will be for him to oversee the projects taking place in Pune?

    • Then all the dead weights in the executive, accounting and production and support are gone. This now almost a brand new company with a proven product in the market. Now, if only marketing and sales can put their act together then there still hope for this company.

    • Correction, there was considerable debate on the roundness of the world until early last century, the early 1900's.


    • guys like you crack me up.

      "So, what does better educated mean then? To me it means you said they were smarter"

      Tell that to Bill Gates or Steve Jobs . . . educations don't make people smarter, and you just have to take a walk on any college campus to figure that out.

      "The world is actually round. This was proven a few thousand years ago"

      That being said, an education helps. There was actually a very considerable debate on the 'roundness' of the world until early in this century, and until airplanes started flying, the evidence lacked conclusiveness. The first astronauts put the debate to rest for all but the most clouded intelligence. The earliest you could assume that this was proven would be a few hundred years ago.

      If you have ever seen a typical Indian professional (or Japanese, or Korean, etc.), they work a LOT harder than a typical 1st world worker . . . that doesn't make them smarter, but to wit . . . "the harder I work, the luckier I get".


    • That's the guy.

      From what I have heard he did not pass Management 101, or even Management for Dummies. There's not a lot of people under his tree who respect him, nor would anyone go to bat for him. Is it a coincidence that over 50% of his department has vacated the last 3 years? Even before the scandal?

      I did hear that he planned to widen the hallways in the Cleveland office so his head could fit through.

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