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  • blue_devil_ninetynine blue_devil_ninetynine Dec 1, 2006 4:42 PM Flag


    Ok, this is ridiculous... granted that all my holdings were down today, but MRGE was down 6%, while the NAS was down just under 1%. Their recent PRs have mostly been fluff, but positive on the whole (new sales are a good thing, no matter what size). Frankly, barring any further bad news, I don't see any reason for this to go any lower...

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    • runningnut---- at what point is that PPS going to fill that gap at mrge. remembering you used that term when mrge was flying high that there was a gap in the 3 or 4 area that had to be filled (ha! ha!) remember him!!!!! I guess evol would have been a better investment at that time would have loss much less. my, how times have changed... do you have any idea whatever happen to bart???????

    • Interesting post.

    • Actually, in this case it is "Resume Swap of North America".

    • I had been too busy to check the stock price or postings, and was surprised to see the drop over the last few days. The Merge/Cedara booths had good traffic at the show, RSNA the largest radiology show of the year. I talked with many of the group there, they were overall positive with the new changes, even to the effect that some who had feelers out have pulled them back for now. This is just my observation from the show. Was able to see several new products that were interesting and worth following for the near future, one of the items on my agenda was evaluating potential products/companies for alliances or acq. RSNA is a great show for seeing the market, now former will probaly say it stands for "Real Software Not Avaialble", which is true in some cases but always fun to see.

    • the float is too high. With all the speculation this stock is too easily manipulated.

    • Good advice. Thanks. So what's your call as to fair price? Or are you predicting bankruptcy?

    • How about revenues? They told you during the conference call that they had to discount to get the OEM's to buy from that side of the house and that would impact revenues and the also told you that the direct side of the house was a mess-affecting revenues. Nothing has changed there yet and it won't for a while. In the meantime, they have announced a new sales model that is not going to work on the direct side. Yep, things are really looking up.

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      • formerfan, you posted: "they have announced a new sales model that is not going to work on the direct side."

        If you really believe this to be true, why do you not contact MRGE management and tell them your opinion for the reason for this statement? Don't you ultimately like to see individuals and companies succeed?

        It's easy to post. It's more important to put in your 2 cents on what you think to the right people that might help.

        Consider this a challenge. Write them (Merge management) what you think.

      • I didn't say things are looking up. I just said I didn't see a reason for them to look 6% down today. There's a difference. The bad news should have been factored in by now, in my opinion. And the recent PRs should either have had no impact, or a slight positive impact.

        There's always a "fair" price, even for companies that aren't doing very well. I understand that it's difficult to call this "fair" price, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist, and prices should go down forever.

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