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  • simpkinsco simpkinsco Dec 2, 2011 8:50 AM Flag

    CAGC up big

    Many familiar with China companies assure they all work with 3 sets of books.

    But we all know APWR supplied the wind generating systems in the US and
    China. What seems to be of a question are the Power Systems end of the business.

    My guess -- lots of these were booked as completed and never yet started. But most will go forward . So is APWR a 50 cent stock or a 5.00 stock . I guess the NASDAQ decision will dictate.
    IMO at this price I load the trunk
    I am in the camp of CAGC for a huge bounce soon.

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    • My guess, we will see a similar run on APWR once the books clear and obviously S & A can deliver. They surely did for CAGC shareholders. We're not far from a major move north. Long term, the GAP above $11 will fill, they always do unless the company goes belly up and thats just not likely here.