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  • traderondaloose traderondaloose Mar 30, 2006 12:50 PM Flag

    perfect storm is a brewing here, my

    guess for updates on sales or marketing could be a week or 2. I woiuld think they will give updates. As for buyout, if they get one as predicted it will come sooner than later. If you were gonna buy you would buy before they sell a single unit imo first hurdle is the 5 day mark for me the news and updates come after that.

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    • half of the 100k came from kim, maybe she got a dwi over the weekend? so trivial but you brought that up as a point hmmmmm busted

    • take a hike this cripple is is posting trash and didnt support it. I will for you though, 150k shares durring march 50k from a group the other 100k from some directors which is no big deal. But this clown implied dumpiing thier shares??? they own 13 million cripple. lets see what is that .001% lmao hidden agenda folks

    • Hey man im with you and i know theres a lot of bleeding going on but i honestly believe it will get better / the facts are im in nursing and nobody wants to get stuck by a frickin needle 10 times everyday/Whats that worth, a hell of a lot more than 20 bucks a share i know that

    • How many days has it been anyway and what is this 5-day theory it sounds interesting,I also believe strength is building just like KATRINA in the gulf and that was a blow job ill never forget(sorry bad joke) im from new orleans

    • All this manipulation by SHORT is to help Big Pharma company to bring down prices and bid for TAKEOVER.

      Bidding for take over at $23 was very high. Now this collaboration with MM/Shorts to bring it down is achieved. Still some room to go down. But when news come this will pop up 3 to 5 pts or may start well over $25!


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