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  • dxcm_sugar_daddy dxcm_sugar_daddy Apr 22, 2006 11:57 AM Flag

    Listen to Dexcom Webcasts!

    Not clear that DXCM will ever get the 7-day claim. Abbott will soon be launching with a five-day claim and has the best chance of getting a replacement claim--which is the trump card that DXCM will never have because of the limitations of its technology.

    With respect to the comparison chart, don't forget the "hidden" costs that DXCM doesn't tell you about: Need to buy shower patches because their product is the only one that isn't moisture proof--a BIG deal; need to fork over $250 for a new transmitter every six months; and the need to buy a new LifeScan blood glucose testing system if you don't have one because it is the only system with which DXCM's device is compatible.

    Also, note that the ABT device provides readings every minute as opposed to every five minutes with DXCM. A key advertised feature of these devices is the ability to determine direction of glucose changes. You can do this much faster with the ABT device than the DXCM.

    DXCM is going to be a flash in a pan and people buying at anywhere near the current valuation are likely to experience severe flash burns.

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