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  • big_texas_twister big_texas_twister May 15, 2006 9:35 PM Flag


    Dexcom is NOT going to tank tomorrow! They discussed OUTSTANDING DATA, I repeat OUTSTANDING DATA RE: MARD & stability for their 7-day submission, which they said will be filed THIS quarter. Abbott WILL be smoked!

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    • Appreciate the post. I couldn't agree more with what you said. It is good technology and has tons of potential.

      For what its worth sugar sounds like an employee or former employee of a competing company like Abbott or perhaps a disgruntled employee of DXCM. He/She continues to bash this company while touting other glucose monitoring products. I wish that Sugar didn't have such a one-sided agenda and could offer valuable advice rather than just bashing.

    • Sugar,
      You have no more clue than anyone else has as to the success of this company. Unless you have inside information about the competitors you are still guessing or ???????????

      I can read a financial statement and know the risks. I also know the technology has great upside.

    • Why are you so intent on protecting us from Dexcom and the "hype". You've never answered that and continue with your tirades about overvaluation etc...

      Do you get the potential? I am in the healthcare field and work with physicians that think this is great technology. It can be adopted and does have reasonable results. Of course it is trading at a decent level. It's based upon potential not just current earnings. Any company that has their quarterly statements that talk in hyperbole usually are full of ....... This company knows the risks and is honest about it. Look at the players involved. They are staking their money and reputations on this working. They put in millions both in cash and time to make this happen. Stop with the BS. You have an agenda and I would like to know what it really is.

    • I take issue with your statement that "None of us really have a clue." This company is HUGELY OVERVALUED. You can go out and talk to diabetologists, you can go read what people are saying about long-term in vivo sensors and the fact that they are a very long ways from the market. Do fundamental analysis. READ the RISK FACTORS in the 10Q and and the most recent prospectus. It's mind-boggling that this stock is trading at this level. LISTEN to what isn't being talked about the on the conference call--results and uptake with the current sensor system. It's all about the FUTURE . . . and to get there is going to take lots and lots of cash, a long time and when they get there it isn't going to be anywhere near big enough to justify today's valuation.

    • Results,
      My guess would be as good or bad as the next poster. None of us really have a clue. The headlines sounded negative but the news was actually fine. They had no time to sell the product after approval- only a few days so any revenue is good. The parts of the conference call I had time to hear sounded good though.

      If it drops tomorrow that's not a reason to panic- I admit that I wouldn't be happy about it but I am in for the longer run.

      The company has excellent management, strong board, and a great product. In spite of all the posts about the competition or Dexcom- the only thing we know is their device works pretty well. Who knows when the competition will get approved. It could be tomorrow or next year. Unless someone has some inside information it's safe to say Dexcom has some leadtime to make it happen. Their product is new and you can only guess the next step and where it will take them (and us).

      Anyone who thinks they really know the answer is throwing darts at a dartboard.

      Good luck Tuesday.

    • Well I got you to commit... so maybe I should buy some more shares. :)

    • DEAL!

    • I havent posted much here and you have. How about a deal. If DXCM closes higher than 21.81$ tommorow during standard trading hours - then I will not post here for one week.

      If DXCM closes lower than $21.81, you have to refrain from posting for 1 week.

      Deal or No Deal?

      PS: I hope that you win the deal.

    • I knew you could.

    • I hope that you are right but I highly doubt it. Tomorrow will be TOUGH?!!!!!!!!!!!! if not BRUTAL.

      Dexcom is NOT going to tank tomorrow! They discussed OUTSTANDING DATA, I repeat OUTSTANDING DATA RE: MARD & stability for their 7-day submission, which they said will be filed THIS quarter. Abbott WILL be smoked!

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