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  • esotericwaterman esotericwaterman Jun 19, 2006 8:06 PM Flag


    6-16-06 WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate Judiciary Committee will be examining the short-selling activities of hedge funds and independent analysts, a subject that has generated headlines and lawsuits alleging collusion and market manipulation.

    A hearing by the Senate panel has been scheduled for June 28.


    Zacks downgraded why? Because they missed earnings estimates 3 quarters in a row. Whatever ever happened to earnings makes no difference - the company just started sales two weeks before the end of the first quarter!!! Two weeks of sales. Two weeks of sales cannot justify a downgrade.

    This product is fantastic. It helps avoid all kinds of complications in the health of someone with diabetes. Insurance companies must and will pay for this device. The Abbot Labs device and the medtronic device will be fine too. It's a huge huge market. There are 1 million people in the US alone that need this device to warn them of a low in the night. Or to avoid an accident when driving a car. 10 to 15% of calls to paramedics are to wake up someone with diabetes that went hypoglycemic. Friend of mine went low while taking a shower. The water ran for 6 hours before her friend realized she was not at work, and broke down the door to get to her and administer glucagon. That would not have happened with a DexCom.

    hatchet job

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    • Looks big Tex has posers (fellow jerks) helping him clutter this board. Let performance speak and why would you follow Tex's advice when he has been wrong for the last 50% down? Investors don't forget, and serious money will take a long time before jumping on this puppy. There are better places for their money you won't see them here, that is why you need to go to another stock.

      All newbies beware, big Tex has been saying strong buy since the 25 - 26 range. There were several who warned about the 50% demise coming. Watch your wallet and look at who is selling and how the heck DXCM is ever going to get the distribution to make $'s. Never underestimate the marketing machine called Abbott.

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