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  • fonzi6744 fonzi6744 Mar 18, 2011 7:00 PM Flag

    Cramer Pumps DXCM & PODD

    says wait to buy at lower levels.

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    • Yes, I saw that show. I took a great interest in it because he said the two companies were going to work their technology (One a insulin pump and one a glucose monitoring system) to make an artificial pancreas. I am an insulin dependent diabetic and just the thought of that to free me from constantly checking my blood sugar would be a real technology break through. That is why I keep looking at it and asking questions.
      Now reality has set in. The FDA would certainly require this technology to be thoroughly tested and that would likely take years. There would also be an extreme danger if this system did not work perfectly. The sugar lows could cause accidents and even deaths and the same with the sugar highs. I am afraid this technology is still just a desirable dream for now and the far future.

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