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  • trendsearcher trendsearcher Jun 27, 2012 8:03 PM Flag

    Gregg is Scared

    "It's always easier to get a non invasive system approved, compared with an invasive one."

    Invasiveness really is not the main question for a BGM system. The main questions are accuracy and precision. With diabetes if you give the wrong answer there can be some very serious consequences. I think the approval process would not be much deferent between transcutaneous vs subcutaneous. The testing sure; but the actual agency reviews should be similar. And don’t forget the problems Cygnus had with their transcutaneous device. Just because it doesn’t break the skin does not always mean a device is non-invasive.

    Where a less invasive product would shine is with market acceptance.

    As far a Gregg’s reference to the competition, I’ve listened to his investor presentations for years when he was with MiniMed and DexCom. As far as I can remember a time when he has always had some discussion about the competitive space. I would read too much into the presence or absence of the competitive space details.

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