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  • potwatcher.4523 potwatcher.4523 Dec 27, 2013 5:05 PM Flag

    Feltl and Company reports that ECTE is about to threaten Dexcom and Medtronic

    Read their report

    One company in particular, Echo Therapeutics (ECTE – SB), is developing a noninvasive CGM system, which could redefine the market to the detriment of the minimally invasive systems offered by DexCom and Medtronic.

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    • Buy them out. Problem solved.

    • You guys who keep dreaming about ECTE are deluded. Now not only are they going to blow out DXCM they're going to threaten MDT? This is beyond laughable. ECTE is falling apart. Reverse stock split, CEO bails out, current senior execs looking for work. Please. ECTE will be used in hospital/clinical settings only.

      When DXCM posts it's 1st quarter earnings report you're gonna be whistling a different tune.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 2 Replies to tyldani6
      • You arent up to date on ECTE. They got a new CEO that rocks and they got 10 million in cash after their strong trial data. The stock is up 40 percent in the last month. I have been buying ECTE and holding my DXCM. Both are going to do good this year imo. glta

      • MDT already said they want to get into needle free technology but are behind. ECTE is the only company with needle free. If DXCM doesnt beat MDT to it they will be left behind. In this business if you dont keep up with the latest technology you die and ECTE has the newest. Ask yourself why the DXCM insiders started dumping millions of dollars of shares in November when ECTE announced that their needle free system met all trial goals.

        ECTE is filing for approval in Europe this month. DXCM needs to get off its butt and do something fast imho.

        Sentiment: Hold

    • I found this in the report too

      The CGMs currently on the market are invasive or minimally invasive. No noninvasive CGMs are currently on the market. The conventional wisdom is that noninvasive continuous glucose monitoring represents the true “Holy Grail” of glucose monitoring.

      ECTE is the only noninvasive device coming on the market

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