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  • dems_please_fix_america dems_please_fix_america Aug 27, 2007 3:42 AM Flag

    evil,selling to flee america,get face lifts my opinion

    Now I believe it had to be done,but I believe now we can have 8 years of a democrat, and I also believe we will not get it. People that think 100 people can't be paid off underestimate how much money we print everyday.1400 times the amount of put options bought in 1 week before the bombings,more then ever traded on airlines by 800%. I believe many people who can make all this come together even more obviously then loose change has done either think they themselves will be killed or that its not in the best interest for their lives and family. I wonder how many have been taken out already or threatened with pictures of kids or took the pay off, which for many was probably a slug to alot of the top secret guys, they can be replaced. Sometimes to understand evil you have to take all positive thinking out of your mind and just as long as this movie,have an open mind and just count the strange similarities,if you count to many, you have to lean towards inside job.Think about how long it takes to investigate murders on tv,takes awhile to investigate disaster,Bin laden threatened BUSH for desert storm, he denied 911 involvement. Senators and congressmen were called and told not to fly that day, many by anonymous tips.Demolition crew removed parts and I have been thru detectives changing videotapes of what I say and the tapes are fuzzy and you can't see the lips,exactly the same way my tape was.They morph your sound and voice using computers and updated software. It will look like you but will not be you and also we only needed to hear them call 10-20 people,for it to be believable,those that didn't most likely were executed. I believe the elections will be rigged again but rigging here and their would not matter if more young people went to vote.If Iraq said they would only accept euros for oil and not dollars, we had to go attack but we did not have to bring down those building but I guess 4000 open investigations of wall street crooked were conveniently blown up with building 7.And over 3000 killed in the twin towers as well as fireman just doing their jobs. if you have any common sense and can think for yourself, watch the movie loose change about when the twin towers were brought down and 460 billion dollars worth of gold was stolen, why wasn't that in your media?

    Democrats will investigate this company when they get in office.

    SELL SELL SELL, or profit off evil, you can profit off many other stocks, take evil out of your portfolio.

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