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  • alphabetasoup alphabetasoup May 11, 2003 3:05 PM Flag

    You might ba a republican if...........

    You might be a right wing republican if....'d rather screw the country than an intern. have a borderline psychotic obsession with the fact that Bill
    Clinton was elected President. Twice. Fair and Square. Don't you
    tell me to "just get over it."


    ...while watching reruns of All In The Family, you wonder why the
    laughs when Archie Bunker says something that "makes sense". secretly suspect that J.C. WaReceived: from CHSDOM1-MTA by CHSGRPWtts is the guy who stole your
    hubcaps at last year's RNC fundraiser.

    ...the person sitting next to you on the plane asks to be reseated in
    the overhead baggage compartment.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------ think that manual labor is the President of Mexico. think that oral sex rises to the level of an "impeachable
    offense," but stealing an election doesn't. believe brown skin or immigration status are probable cause.


    ... if you make your children listen to talk radio during target

    ...if you think it would have been unconstitutional to count the
    votes in Florida in 2000. think all those starving kids in Somalia should quit begging
    and get a job. can link Clinton to every conceivable situation that developed
    worldwide honestly think that Bush is great even if his policies cost you
    your job, your home, your savings and the life of your child in war,
    but at
    least he didn't get a b---j--.

    �You think its fair for the poor to give up their oil subsidies so the
    can get a tax break.

    ...after voting against all civil rights legislation, you wonder why
    minorities don't vote republican. think that the right way to fix our schools is to post the Ten
    Commandments're on medicare, need prescription drug help & still voted for
    village idiot (dumbya)

    ...if you make less than $40,000/year and think the only thing standing
    you and wealth, is less government regulation, lower taxes and the end
    affirmative action.

    -- you think that it is necessary to wage war with "axis of evil"
    Iraq, a nation that has declared it has no weapons of mass
    destruction, but, on the other hand, insist on negotiation and
    diplomacy with "axis of evil" North Korea because they have openly
    declared they have weapons of mass destruction and WILL use them, if
    necessary. believe that the coal, oil, and nuclear industries will police
    themselves if the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts are weakened. think blacks have the same "voice" as whites do!

    .... your heart bleeds oil. think Government (regulation) is bad and Corporate greed is
    (unless it is time to bail out the corporate misfits, ie. Savings &
    Airline Industry, Energy industry, Auto Makers etc etc.)

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    • are you sure that the initial forays into Nam didn't start under Eisenhower, late in his 2nd term?

    • Agree ,,,,,,,, let's make a mess of their yard and keep ours clean

    • You make no sense sir, seek help your thinking is not rational, it's chaotic. If anyone reads my posts , they will not find anything that is not fact, what you wish or assume they say is not my business.

    • I don't change my replies, you do! You are a Fool! It has not been nice! Enjoy your Lies with someone else! Back to Delta!

    • Yes it's time to give it up, this dude not only doesn't have a clue,but also changes the reply to fit his own agenda.

      As for DAL , I can only say that the institutions and Specialist are holding up the price of the shares. If and when they make a profit(big if) , it will not be sufficient to ever get a handle on the debt.

      Right now , it's not a stock to buy and hold ,or is it a good short. IMHO

    • Jesus, it is time to GIVE IT UP, people are getting bored with this back and forth BS. Get on with something that is more interesting and pertains to Delta. Enough is enough already. The war is over.

    • See Msg: 73045 .. sent by you and your stupid statement, that you said I stated!

    • In your post, you stated that we could bomb anywhere, and I said we could not fly over Laos or Cambodia! Get your stories straight!
      It was Nixon who ended the Draft, fool! By Execuative order! The Viet Nam War ended the draft, at least until prsent time. No, Nixon ended the draft! The DemocRats wan't to bring it back! Read a paper, OK? You are an Ignorent person! Please get your historical facts correct before you post!

    • As stated you're a sick dude, when you post "ok we could bomb anywhere we wanted to ?" What the hell does that mean ? Then you post "We could not go over Laos or Cambodia!"

      So who exactly prevented this ? Or suggest stop us ? Answer , not once have you given real evidence or facts of this. All of your posts are go stupid and devoid of facts , it's humiliating to even reply to them. Possibly you're suggesting we should have bombed China or Russia, they were supporting the Viet Cong.

      The reason why we now have a volunteer force, is that the majority do not want to be drafted.
      The Viet Nam War ended the draft, at least until prsent time.

      So what the hell are you posting here , propaganda , or are you just a plain fool ?

    • Ok, We could bomb anywhere we wanted to? That is a LIE! We could not go in/over Laos or Cambodia! If you are going to post, at least post the truth! No the truth, as you know it, but the truth! Did you enjoy marching against this countries involvement? Did you thank Richard Nixon for stopping the draft?
      Remember, this whold war was started in the late 50's, Eisnehower sent 12 Advisors, JFK raised that to 120 and LBJ raised this number to 250K..Nixons second term is when the war ended. After all you know it all's hit the streets, causing the war to keep going, and getting more people killed! You clowns really did a good job, the North never did negotiate in good faith, because they believed that the U.S. would leave and bow to political pressure, by the IGNORENT COLLEGE and HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS marching in the streets! You also spit on the Soldiers when they returned, and called them Baby Killers! You Lefist fools deserve contempt! Just for spitting on the returning GI's..
      And pickwin213 Do you have a DD214? Do you have a YELLOW BELLY and STRIPE running down your BACK? YOU sure have a big MOUTH! You don't even know of what you speak!

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