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  • zoomingin1932 zoomingin1932 Jan 27, 2004 7:36 PM Flag


    It's all Managements fault and so it is OK to continue to deplete the unrestricted 2 billion the company still has? You do not really mean that, do you? Does anyone have a guess where Delta would be right now without 9/11? Probably profitable.
    Offering an absurd 9% and call that "The ball is in your court now?"
    Just a thought: The 2 billion will be gone soon.

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    • >>Wake up and smell the coffee!!!<<<

      Which do you prefer: Starbucks, Folgers, Maxwell House?

    • >>>Why should the company be saved on the backs of the pilots. Instead of 30% paycuts for one group, why not everybody pitch in?<<<

      Gold and platinum have a relationship to the markets they serve, and a relationship to each other given the up and down trading. When one or the other gets out of line with market forces, they correct back in line. As such the entire airline industry has been restructured in the decades since dergulation. We've seen liquidations, serial bankruptcies, mergers, advent of Southwest and cousin Low-Cost carriers some of which went bust. We've seen pilot wages rise to the moon, now we are seeing them fall back to earth---except at Delta. Rank and file frontline workers do not enjoy the wage premium above and beyond the norm as ALPA.

      >>>I'm sure management is drooling over the bonuses they are going to award themselves for "cost savings" as soon as the pilots give up their hard earned due.<<<

      Read the lips: There ain't gonna be bonuses for a long while, judge or no judge; if you're in a Reorg for money, in a turnaround for quick money, you're in the wrong place, wrong position.

    • >>>Southwest pilots are retiring as mulitmillionairs, <<

      That's a direct correlation to the 1990's bull market and stock splits, plus abundant stock options still in the money at single digits, plus Profit Sharing accruals that have seen their best and final days for this cycle. In fact the handwriting for SWAPA is downhill as well as for wage concessions like everyone else as deflation continues to wrack this industry and economy upside the head. The millionaire crusade at LUV is now fast becoming a bygone era.

    • >That amounts to a 16% pay increase fofeiture to date from my pay alone to fulfill the pilots contract. Is it your fault?

      No...... <

      Are you sure your forteiture in pay to date didn't go to buy RJs, or maybe toward a stock buy back, or how about a protected retirement for the elite?

    • idontcarehwhatyousay9999 idontcarehwhatyousay9999 Jan 30, 2004 1:29 PM Flag

      You are wrong on one point. Ship 102 is owned by DL. It is not leased.

      Infact ships 101-113 are all owned, not leased.

    • I am not in.... The last one we bought and paid for was sold to a leasing comapany so that Delta can pay a leasing fee and not own the asset!!!!

    • To see how the income numbers stack up within the marketplace, see below, it bears repeating.
      And we're not talking interest rates but talking how to arrive at the point where every DELTA employee group equals the current top pay at other airlines.

      >>>>>This is how it would unfold on wages only:

      Ticket Office Agent: pay cut of 1.7% to equal CAL

      Flight Attendant: pay cut of 0.1% to equal SWA

      Ramp: pay cut of 0.6% to equal SWA

      Reservations agent: pay cut of 5.1% to equal UAL

      AMT Shop: pay increase of 8.5% to equal SWA

      AMT Line: pay increase of 5.3% to equal SWA


      Pilot decreases on order of 40% minimum for starters would get DL back in the hunt for Red October.

    • It's been done before!

    • I heard someone at the GO suggest asking the employees to pitch in and buy a new airplane for the company.
      I'm in!

    • >>>Our increases of the last 2o yrs have been eaten by the costs of living.<<<

      Now that defense is guaranteed to get egg on your face or a pie in the eye from a not so compassionate frontline wage earner with a family to feed and educate on a fraction of your spoiled salary and income (assuming you have only one job). You can do better to make a wage adjustment so your teammates can feed their families and make their car payments too. Greed at this point sinks hopes and careers eventually.

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