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  • eoap eoap Jun 8, 2004 1:21 PM Flag

    BoBo the astronaut


    Not only is bobo a f/a, he is a astronaut, the first American in space. Found this while playing around the internet while in our nice airconditioned office, surprised he hasn't bragged about this. When he found out that NASA would put a man in space back in the 60's, he figured, since he is a pilot, he would go. So, he jumped in his Yugo and drove on down to Houston to NASA, walked in the office and said, here I am, bobo the pilot ready to go into space and be the first man there. Well, the NASA guys looked at him like he was crazy and said, no, they would put a chimp in space first. Well, ole bobo jumped up and down and rolled all over the floor screaming "ops specs, ops specs, a pilot must go!!!!" So NASA decided to send him along. The big day came and bobo and the chimp blasted into space. As soon as things settled down in the spacecraft, a light came on in front of the chimp, he immediately pushed a bunch of switches and adjusted the cabin press and temp, and then took off his helmet, bobo looked over and did the same thing, took off his helmet. Lights came on several times in front of the chimp and each time he performed a task, but no lights came on in front of bobo. Bobo finally got mad that he wasn't getting to do anything, remember, he is pilot in charge, so, he called ATC, bobo calls ATC for everything don't you see. NASA answered and wanted to know what they could do for him and bobo said he wasn't getting to do anything. NASA said they would correct that and in a few minutes a light came on in front of bobo and his screen lit up and said "Feed the chimp"-----------Push the right button and you might get a peanut, push the a lighted one and you might get a banana bobo!!!

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