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  • graceten2ooo graceten2ooo Aug 9, 2004 4:43 PM Flag

    DALPA pilots

    Please come to your senses before its too late. Give in to the 1 billion and be known as Delta's savior.

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    • The heart and soul of the matter is as you suggest in your stellar discovery:

      "You may need to look for another job and find a lower priced job."

      So much joy and challenge is in flying a jet that many would do the job for free if they could afford to, if they were independently wealthy, it's that much fun. By deduction you have to assume anything less than flying a jet would not be as thrilling or challenging for those individuals bitten by the flying bug. Which means without a uniformed job flying jet aircraft, other lines of work must be pursued no matter how unglorious, unsexy, unprofitable, or how much sweat and toil goes with it. Now it doesn't take a rocket scientist to presume pilot wages are falling, have been falling on account of the deflationary sea-change in the way customers pay to travel i.e., lower fares period. Airline labor and overhead costs relative to ticket prices, meanwhile, have inflated beyond balance sheet repair. Without a corresponding increase in those fares, high-cost airlines like Delta will go bankrupt pure and simple; it's not almost insolvent--IT'S THERE, only the 'filing' formality awaits.

      Q.1 Is is humanly possible for ALPA navigators to lead thousands of men and women pilots through uncomfortable wage concessions, yet retain an intact union organization, in or out of Chapter 11?

      Q.2 Considering the alternative to work a lower paying job doing tasks unfamiliar and less rewarding than flying a modern jet, is it humanly possible for Delta pilots to be happy flying a jet on half the current wage, working longer hours, being more productive to their employer?

      Q.3 If not, are there men and women on furlough or unemployed with great aspirations to fly for a great company like Delta with ATP's (licences), willing to take over an empty cockpit left or right seat of a Delta jet for 50% of what current Delta pilots make?

      The answers to these 3 questions will help determine the course of Chapter 11, hence the success of Delta.

    • BooBoo cannot even get to V1, before he starts pushing the Drink Cart down the aisle. PILOT, BooBoo? Bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

    • Wrong. The judge can cut the others salaries.

      After all, the are used to just scraping by.That is why they are considered lower caste, like in India.

      We need all of our benes to pay for the homes,cars, toys, vacations.

      Let them eat cake.Stale cake!

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    • I am a REAL pilot and will cause you grief if you dont leave this message board as of now.

      now, don't let me catch your lame ass posting here anymore!

      got that?

    • lowmanifoldpressureshortstack lowmanifoldpressureshortstack Aug 9, 2004 9:10 PM Flag

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    • i think they will come to their senses, but not for anyone else's sake except for their own.

    • you just don't get it. 1 billion in cuts to pilots does not save delta air. why must you blame the pilots? leo's previous structuring of the company failed to have vision as to how the industry would change. THAT is the failure.


    • That would be great if the pilots concessions would save the will take a lot more than just the pilots...why are you leaning on the pilots, when there are other big players?

      Ever think what management should be doing?

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