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  • saywhat1998 saywhat1998 Aug 25, 2004 8:53 AM Flag


    What happened to all that talk a few weeks ago about bringing back some planes from the boneyard? Hell, it was just a year or so ago we were flying B727s! Please, half the fleet should be in the desert! (maybe its headed there now, come to think of it!!) I wonder if any of the new airlines would take any of our current fleet as a gift? They damn sure wouldn't take our pilots! Never seen such a bunch of arogant a$$holes! The only good thing to come out of the "pending" BK is to see the pilots working hard for 50cents on the dollar! I WILL LOVE SEEING THAT!

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    • Common sense also says the FAA certifies the pilots and mechanincs..........can you say commodity????

    • That sounds very nice in theory, but common business sence says the better the pay the choosier you can be on who you hire.

    • Customers are just like everyone else, looking for the best deal possible. Pilots, AMT's, aircraft, operations, etc. are all certified and trained to the same standards.

      It is possible to have better pilots and mechanics on a flight with a discount airline than on one of the majors.

      All airlines swap off maintenance with each other and contract out work to the lowest bid fixed base operations they can find. (Delta furloughed my entire maintenance station and contracted out the work back to a local FBO, other airlines have done the same thing too).

      When like you say the plane is jerking and the engines are roaring, employee pay does not enter into the safety aspect at all.

      However, a profitable airline may have more spare parts, better equipment, etc., ... unfortunatly everyone knows that Delta has not been profitable for some time.

      It is like buying something from Walmart or a fancy speciality shop, ... when you get it home there is no differance except for the price and the wrapping.

      I do not like this either, but them are the facts.

      Delta will not survive unless all costs come down, and I am afraid that they will have to come down a lot.

      A fuel prices drop will not save an airline, that means that most of the cuts have to come from employee pay and employee benefits.

      Employees will also have to work harder and longer, because both the "competition" and the "customers" demand it. (productivity)

      Not all airlines will survive, only the airlines that reduce costs the most will survive.

      The longer the airline waits to reduce their cost cuts, the greater the chance of BK.

      If Delta wants to survive, they must beat the competition in cost and service while showing a profit.

      Advertising that Delta's pilots and mechanics are "better" than all the others is just throwing good money away because the puplic knows that all US airlines are safer than driving, and the most dangerous part of any trip is the drive to the airport.

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