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  • jahlovemuzik2000 jahlovemuzik2000 Nov 6, 2004 8:35 AM Flag

    A message from an AMT

    Fuck you Delta, Fuck you Management, And especially FUCK YOU PILOTS!!!!!!!!!!! We are been shown the door because of the greed. You waited to the last minute and now we are fucked. Thanks, I dont sound bitter do I?

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    • If the company gave you a couple of hotdogs would you feel better? This worked for 7.5, it should work now. Look at the difference in the stock that the pilots are getting, and the amount that the mechanics are getting. Mechanics got screwed during 7.5 and the same thing is happening now. The price for not having a union to represent your interests. Remember the saying of "screw me once...shame on you, screw me twice... shame on me." You only have yourselves to blame. Too bad - so sad. Get an union you southern dummys!

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      • If mechanics had a union delta would have filed BK a long time ago. Look at the other majors that are unionized they have been cut much higher than delta so far. I know a northwest mechanic who was first forced to relocate because of the closing of their ATL maint.base. Then a year later was laid-off for 9 months. Oh by the way this mechanic had 27 YEARS with NW at the time. Now if that is an example of how much better it is with a union then I will pass.Also NW farms out a great deal more than Delta and the union over there(amfa) can't stop it.

    • If the company wanted to provide a reasonable retirement package I am sure that 1500 or more would actually retire. Many of the most senior people are either ex-Wextern or ex-Pan Am. The company is NOT offering anything other than the possibility of medical coverage to age 65. Even in the AERO packages that have been sent out, it states, the company can change or eliminate any or all benefits within the retirement package if it chooses. Not much confidence based on Delta's track record. They have already once taken away the medical coverage that they said they would provide.

    • Have you signed your AMFA card? NO,You are Fucked! But that is because you don't have anyone representing your interests. It is not the Pilot's or Delta's job to take care of you! It is your job to take care of yourself. The Pilots are still #1 in compensation and Delta is on it way to recovery. You are (AMT's) 20% or more below market and being outsourced. You should quit bitching about the Pilot union that did it's job and get your own Fucking Union!!!!!

    • I have 30 but I am 50yo. What you want me to go without pay for 2 yrs. Then just draw 1800 bucks a month. Grow up!!!!!!!!!

    • 514, not counting foremen.

    • Hello I'm an ex dal amt. I have lots of friends still at dal, just wondering if they are going to lay off 2000 amt how far back will that go (hire date)......thanks

    • AmadeusMan: An AMT can work in maintenance positions other than Aviation. Industrial maintenance, biomedical repair, Auto, powerplants etc... Airlines are not the only game in town. The hardest thing for an AMT about to lose his job is the thought of having to uproot their families in order to pursue those jobs, right in the middle of a school year. AMT�s have the skills to survive lay-offs but my heart goes out to all those faced with the uncertainty lay-offs bring.

    • as an ex delta mechanic, i think i can speak. the delta mechanics are the some of the best around. it is sad that they believed in delta's lies. a union would not have saved them, but at least there might have been a fight. these guys trusted delta, and union drives failed for that reason. no, there are no other good a/c mechanic jobs out there. they are highly skilled people and will survive. best of luck to you guys. as for delta, and the rest of the industry, 3rd party maintanance is piss poor, done by low skilled workers. my opinion is there will by more accidents caused by mechanical problems in the future.

    • See your point - my point was the "where would they go," not the fact/theory that they will get raises in the future. I guess what I was trying to say was: if they leave the airline they are currently with, there will probably be any other AMT jobs for them to go to!

    • *****Wehre, exactly would they go? ALl the other majors and minors are no longer hiring -*****

      A lot of unknowns right now. UAL And USAir are questionable. If both are gone, Delta will absorb some of their market. The economy will continue to get stronger and I would see the AMTs getting the first raise when the company is on its feet.

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