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  • bobof1y777 bobof1y777 May 28, 2005 8:56 AM Flag

    delta kick the butts of local gov. offi

    those asshole want to interfere in market place using taxpayers money by subsidizing competition. let them pay:

    way to go delta

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    • Just ask your mama!!!! LOL!

    • I agree ,,,,,,,, Let the local populace call the mayor and the commission for help. Either that, or take the damn bus.

    • A verfy arrogant response!

    • i'm sure there are things that you've done that may have made you look arrogant if you were running the business and it was your money, you'd look at things differently.
      if we said "yes" to everything you whiners wanted, more airlines would be out of business and you'd be whining that the fares have gone up because you only can fly on "xx" airline since the others went belly up and wa wa wa...go jack off in the corner you'll feel better dude.

    • DL has been shrinking in the European market for some time now. L1011's have been out of service since just after 911. $25 change fee is an effort to maintain fare structures and employee costs the result from standbys (entries, clearing,pnr changes to original flights) The pilots wanted a great package on their previous contract and got it. This is not what DL management wanted. They didnt want a strike. FTO Agents are usually the FIRST to blame the flight att. when there are scheduling problems. I suspect there were other issues. It could have been mechanical. L1011's were always breaking down and flights cancelled.

      I suggest you fly other airlines for a while and I think you will find that DL is still far better, despite their problems.

    • freedomjustanotherword freedomjustanotherword May 28, 2005 11:08 PM Flag

      < How is Delta arrogant? >

      When DAL Pilots carried their flight bags through the airports with stickers on them that said "UAL plus 2%", I thought that was the height of arrogance.

      When a DAL ticket agent in Minneapolis wanted to charge me $25.00 for changing my Delta ticket to an earlier Delta flight (that had 30 or 40 available seats) to Atlanta, I thought that was absolutely arrogance. And then when I told her that I would just change my ticket and take a different airline that would be more than happy to get the fare as is and get me to Atlanta at the desired time, the bitch said, "wait a minute, we can do it" - that is double, shitful arrogance.

      When the CEO (Allen?) tells the stock holders that the bad year that occurred (either lost money of came in way below estimated revenue), wasn't caused by the overzealous expansion into foreign markets (particularly European), I thought that was a display of corporate arrogance because I was told by an employee of DAL at the time that one deal (allowing for expansion into some markets) cost 50% more than expected because the other carriers planes were in such bad shape and they had, no only to repaint them, but had to do complete maintenance and interior refurbish. Couldn't even sell some without major work on them. If they can't tell the truth, or they try to hide major screw ups, and think that their stockholders are stupid - then THEY are absolutely arrogant.

      When a group of DAL executives set aside 60 million to guarantee their retirements, and some leave within months - that is commode flushing type of arrogance.

      When DAL makes schedules where on three Sundays running, my L1011 DAL flight from Atlanta to Orlando scheduled to leave at 3:00 PM, but each time the flight crew doesn't show up until 4:30 and the gate agent blames the farmed out clean-up service - that's arrogance. This is the fact because one Sunday, as soon as we got into the air, I asked one of the flight attendants where they would go from Orlando, she said, "Oh, Orlando is our final destination. We'll spend the night there and return to Atlanta in the morning and then to Seattle. We just came in from (Seattle, Salt Lake or somewhere out west) and came over to this plane." Finally the truth. It was a crew-scheduling problem, not the defenseless clean-up crew. Sounds like Bolton, for Heavens sake, and that sob is absolutely arrogant.

      There was another incident that I don't wish to get into because of the resulting investigation, but it is disgraceful, and true because I verified the facts, as I understood them, with a Delta insider. Any reasonable person would agree on the question of arrogance on this one.

    • You have lost all credibility.

    • *****DAL service today is ANYTHING like it was 10 to 15 years ago,*****

      On a flight to Zurich in February, I expected a cut back in service but found it to be the best and that goes back over 20 years. People like to kick when you are down but Delta is delivering good service and they will be a survivor with or without chap 11.

    • If you actually think DAL service today is ANYTHING like it was 10 to 15 years ago, there is no hope for you.............................................................

    • *****DAL who has developed an arrogance now that they are an absolute*****

      This is B/S. Delta's service is as good or better than it has ever been. The agenda to knock Delta is by either a fired employee, someone working for a competitor or trying to influence the stock.

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