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  • always_rte always_rte Sep 30, 2005 11:36 AM Flag

    Deadbeat...Pensions....Weepy! Weepy!

    Who cares if you think you are entitled to your pension because you showed up at work! If the company goes into bankruptsy it means there isn't sufficient working capital to keep it afloat. Grow up and stop sniffling and weeping all over this board. You are sick if you think either this company or the american taxpayers owe you a living. Why on earth didn't you plan for retirement instead of looking for handouts? Grow up and get a real job.....and this time not only show up for work but put a few dollars away for a rainy day! Weepy! Weepy!

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    • Thanks, I've made the question reflect his occupation more closely.

      hey always_rte,

      Why haven't you ever answered the question I put to you some posts back?

      And that is: Why don't we start by outsourcing your job, what is the going rate for a domestic PROFESSIONAL cocksucker?

    • Sorry, can't resist this. hannareit, I think the problem is the way you are asking the question. Perhaps you are referring to a hobby rather than a job!

    • always_rte,

      Why haven't you ever answered the question I put to you some posts back?

      And that is: Why don't we start by outsourcing your job, what is the going rate for a cocksucker?

    • Yeah, right. Must suck, the feeling a stewardess is smarter than you are. Loser.

    • WICKDPSSAH: Stick a fork in it your done (too)!

    • GOD you are thick.

      She was quoting dewey's post when she said "I'm done."

      Further proof of your stupidity, we all thank you.

    • Good riddens! This was far too great an issue for the likes of you anyway! Best you pack up your high heels, lower the high hair, wish the ladies of the flight deck adieu and head out! Another one down!

    • Nah, it's just a temporary side show to keep us entertained while the rest of the crooks continue unhindered quietly in the background.

    • "as a I recall I was called "idiot with a paper a**hole" (thanks for that BTW)."
      My apologies for that shoot-from-the-hip outburst. I sometimes get carried away on emotionally-charged issues. Specially when my perception is that someone is defending corporate crooks and corrupt politicians, a commodity which we seem to have in abundance these days.
      In any event , your recent post here clears up the situation. Everything you say there is absolutely correct.
      Hey, how about Ken DeLay getting nailed on felony charges, right here in Travis County! Hanky-panky with political influence-buying with corporate money! Maybe there's a twinkle of light at the end of the tunnel. M
      aybe this will send a message to the scoundrels.

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      Re: Flight Attendants listen UP!
      by: always_rte 10/04/05 07:19 pm
      Msg: 204061 of 204069

      No you are not sheep......sheep are valuable whereas a DAL F/A is not......especially since they no longer even fluff pillows. Listen F/A, grow up and smell the coffee, your days working as a sacred cow are over. The days of your being reclassified according to your actual duties is here,.......and you are little more than a temporary waitress.....
      Tiem for you to accept reality and understand that your real peer group is with the kindly folk who stroll the dining areas of greasy spoons serving hash, etc... Why on earth do you batch yourselves with pilots and the more professional members of the flight crew? Shame on you. and if you are not contented then we suggest you test the waters and go out and seek comparable employment and see what that yields.
      In the case of aviation technicians the facts are: They make 29% less on average than similare jobs outside aviation industry--source click here and check related occupations toward the end of page -- and
      P.S. Who really gives a shit?

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