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  • chump_change_2 chump_change_2 Aug 5, 2011 10:08 PM Flag

    oh no, s7p downgrade U.S.debt, dal $2,5 soon..


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    • It just amazing how unintelligent some people are when it comes to investing! Granted some people are just plain scared to jump back into a blue chip stock that has been knocked down from a panic attack on the stock market, i totally understand there worries about another recession coming, but if we fall again like we did in '07 dont worry about if you invested or not because either way were are all screwed!!The U.S economy will fall and fail because people will hoard there money and your cash will be pretty much worthless, cause there will not be a bailout next time to big corporations and the dollar will fall to new lows the world has never seen! So stating this as my opinon, i cannot see how this wouldnt be a great buy at this time.It could go down further but if we ever see 8000 in the dow again like a lot of you might think this market is headed, and you can buy this at $3.55 a share at that time... DONT BUY cause your gonna need every penny you have just to live. We will be in a DEPRESSION not a recession, because the federal gov't wont have the money to bail out themselves ...I SEE THE GLASS HALF FULL NOT HALF EMPTY AT THIS TIME ! Hedgefunds and mutual funds have sold or should i say oversold the entire market this past week so they could post profits to there customers, when the smoke clears they will go back into blue chip stocks and delta will be one they will start buying. When i dont know but it could be before the end of next week, this stock in my opinon will be $11 at christmas barring a DEPRESSION and if we fall into a depression all hells broke loose and we can kiss all our cash and investments goodbye!! Good luck to all and GOD help U.S.

    • Great. Just more of a buying opportunity. People are still flying? It's not like they have abandoned air travel. The world has not come to an end here. This is market panic by folks who don't look at the fundamentals. Actually if you really look at what has taken a major hit it has been those stocks that have traded way beyond their price to earning multiples and that is the way is should be. Stocks like Travel Zoo, Pandora, Chinese stocks, and other high flyers are coming back down to earth because folks are pulling out of them. Just like it make no sense for folks to dump intel, cocoa cola, Microsoft, etc. they are but those stocks just like Delta Airlines will jump back.

    • Please no gay replies... Cause this guy does"nt have a clue!

    • U better sell chump!! the sky is falling and your right under it! Sell, sell, sell, ,as fast as u can cause this stock is just a freakin bargain u dumba$$... A gift from above u better believe it. All the talk about high fuel cost causing us too not make money. Well hello a drop in oil and a drop in share price look out for next quarter big time earnings and able to buy delta at $7 a share. Christmas in august if u have cash....? Christmas time u will be glad u bought at these low knee jerk prices ! Even if u bought at $8 share ur dancing in december...recession or not people r still eating out and flying all over the place. Check out delta"s seat occupancy on planes they r as full as they can be on almost every flight! This is an opportunity to make a double down profit from here till next year this time.. Book it dan"o it"s money in da bank! yatzee baby!!!

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