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  • mpoore10 mpoore10 Apr 15, 1999 11:30 AM Flag

    Y2K and Delta

    I have heard from an insider that Delta has some
    Y2K issues that they don't think can be fixed in
    time. I seems to be a problem with reservations and
    code sharing. Apparently, it may be cheaper to build
    an entirely new system than to try and fix it. Can
    anyone confirm this?

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    • I can't argue with you in that if prices of oil
      go up, historically the price of airline stocks go
      down. I do not follow crude oil enough to be even in a
      position to predict near term prices of oil. I wonder
      though if the war in Kosovo ends soon if that would help
      drive the price of oil down? My theory is that
      stability in that region would be viewed as a calming
      effect on the world's oil prices. Of course, OPEC's
      decision to reign in production still probably holds the
      key to rates. In any event, I put my money where my
      head is and purchased some june call options. We shall

    • I agree with your assesment on DAL stock. Of
      course im long on DAL stock and have been in for about 4
      years. The investment in priceline will be a big plus
      for DAL and you are correct about summer bookings. I
      also think the investment in ASA will pay off greatly
      this quarter or next. The only negative i see is the
      price of oil. If it stays around $20.00 a barrel it
      will be ok,but if it goes much higher it could present
      a problem.

    • To be clear on a couple of the Jenson stories -
      seems doubtful a guy in his position would do anything
      too far out as those could actually cost him his job
      - such as tax issues on pass usage. But all this
      stuff is floating around and the legend grows - it will
      interesting to see if this goes away or festers. How was his
      apology received by employees?

      Good luck to all.

    • there's always a choice, and besides he can't just fire her just b/c she neglected to do him a personal favor, right?

    • I love the new seats. I'm tall and I don't have a problem?

    • Good idea

    • I've heard a lot of Jenson stories.

      a summary of what I've heard:

      Smart guy but
      ego the size of Texas
      Very disrespectful of
      others and their time (schedules 3 meetings at the same
      time and picks one to attend)
      Replaced his
      secretary for making a mistake on his son's college
      application after having her plan his wife's 40th birthday
      party for several weeks
      Changed clothes on a flight
      from a suit to jogging attire
      Showed up for flight
      with flip-flops and shorts - denied boarding and told
      agent that he'd better put him on the f******
      Children only guaranteed coach class but routinely use
      first class
      Has children served meals on non-meal
      Classifies non-business flights as business
      Lived at Ritz
      Carlton for extended period at company expense
      company pay in excess of appraised market value for home
      in NY area
      Believes that rules are for others and
      not him - above the law attitude
      Paid $1000 for
      pass incident - did that include cost of the delay?
      Did any passengers miss connections?
      Wants to
      outsource everything - Res/Toc maybe other stuff.
      to take credit for all ideas (Priceline) even if
      only peripheral involvement

      Surely all these
      can't be true - but seems like an alarming number of
      incidents which are not indicative of a team

      Good luck to all!

    • An interesting point was raised I believe by
      Barron's this weekend. If is going to be the
      success that everyone thinks it will be, then Delta and
      other airlines will directly benefit by having their
      traditionally empty seats filled. Increased revenue as the
      efficiencies of having a fuller plane will pay off. Also, as
      others have noted, the warrants that Delta owns in
      Priceline will be a great asset that can be on the books in
      a matter of months. Finally, we are moving into the
      heaviest travelled period -- the Summer. I recently called
      Delta to book a flight and they already are selling
      many seats for labor day weekend at high prices. All
      points toward strong stock movement. Anyone else agree?

    • It's people like you in the Delta family that
      keep us coming back.The next Delta TV commercial
      should feature interviews with employees that earn those
      "Above and Beyond"cards and commendation letters.Let
      them explain why they give that extra effort,it's the
      best advertising you can have.

    • where was or what was the gate agent doing or thinking during this?did they ever think about calling their supervisor?

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