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  • tstatus21 tstatus21 Feb 16, 2012 10:37 AM Flag

    Am I missing something or is the compnay losing money every year

    I was doing some research and thinking about buying but looking over there statements they are generating revenues, but the cost of the revenues keeps climbing. The company does not have enough cash on hand to pay off current liabilities. I think there could be a good story here, but it looks like the company will need to raise money in the near future.

    I could be totally wrong, but I would like to have a decent conversation covering these topics. I am new to the board and may be overlooking something.


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    • Really ingersol69 !?!

      No kidding huh heheh

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    • I do think that the product could sell if it were priced realistically and had marketing and distribution to back it up. If it did start to sell, it would have lots of competitors, or at least one of two BIG ones. That would bring the price down, especially for competitors who just use reagent-grade NaOCl to make it.

      Marketing and distribution are easy. You just need a multi-million dollar marketing budget and an existing multi-billion dollar distribution infrastructure. Somebody like J&J would have no problem.

      Some people think that makes OCLS a buyout target. But if you look at it the way J&J would, you see: some real estate and building(s), some generic equipment, some specialized equipment which has no practical use or value, a few employees which you would probably lay off at some expense, and some trademarks. Looking further into the trademarks, J&J would see that they have about as much brand recognition as could be bought for a couple million dollars. Wrap it all up, maybe $10 million in value if they are feeling charitable. J&J might offer .30 a share.

      That's the way I see it anyway.

    • For as low as 25 cents a bottle.

    • I would short this if I were you.

    • I was positive long-term on this company about two years ago when it looked like they were stepping up marketing efforts with Cesar Millan (the "dog whisperer") and getting more FDA clearances. From these and other efforts, I had expected sales to really ramp up. It has not. The first deal OCLS had with a marketing company when south, so they recently signed another one and I have yet to see marketing and sales really take off. I too am very concerned that OCLS does not have enough cash on hand to really ramp up marketing to a point where sales really starts to increase.

      So while I still hold my shares (and am down quite a bit) I really don't know what to expect. Based on historical performance, I give about 50/50 odds that OCLS could get out of the holding pattern it is in vs. go bust.

      I wish my crystal ball was better than that, but that's life.

      I have been accused by others on this board for being a basher. I am not. I have no illusion that OCLS's product is nothing more than a very simple product with little to no patent protection, but I also think that a product of this type--with the right amount of marketing efforts--could sell. Coke is basically sugar water with some flavoring (a big trade secret of course) and it sells. Budweiser tastes like crap and it sells. So why not bleach water?? It's possible. But it's that crucial marketing/advertising component that OCLS has still not figured out how to build, and which is not allowing sales to increase.

      Good luck.

    • I think that if these are the conclusions you have come to after dd there are 2 actions i recommend you to do.

      First one is to learn how to evaluate companies market cap better. There are courses for that.

      Second one is to stay out the stock market till you do cause you will lose money investing in other stocks.

      Good luck.


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