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  • nathanwoods650 nathanwoods650 Jan 24, 2013 7:38 PM Flag

    Holy Water--cured a blind chicken. No joke (by Chandler)

    Part 1 -

    Update: Since the writing of this review, I had another chicken suddenly develop eardrums that were swelling up like tiny balls with a black spot in the middle that looked like a "plug". I googled this and everyone said you will need surgery amd they can continue to swell as large as her HEAD when this happens. I smeared this on both of the swollen areas. Went back a few hours later they were gone...totally deflated. She scratched her ears for a day as they itched when healing, but I only applied it once for a total cure. HOLY. WATER. This kills everything bad and maintains the health of everything good.

    Original review: When one of my chickens (a pet as much as my dog or cat) suddenly lost all sight for no reason I'd given up hope. Everyone said they won't see again. I couldn't find one example anywhere of anyone who had success when something had gotten so bad so quick that both their eyes just went...Not one story in all my research of a blind chicken seeing again.
    She was put on antibiotics with no results. Her eyes soon swelled shut. I taught her to lean down to eat when I made a clicking sound and she leaned down and drank when I went SSS.

    But my heart just broke seeing her not move and so confused.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Part 2 -

      Someone at the feed store mentioned this in passing when I actually asked for an antibiotic ointment (Tetramycin) that all the experts said to use on a blind chicken. (Bear in mind no one who used Tetramycin on a blind chicken had success, as I mentioned. So I asked questions, read the bottle. The salesperson said "But it's really pricey" Like a blind chicken isn't in many ways...) The problem with diagnosing chicken blindness is that steroid drops can make an infection worse and it could be caused by virus, bacteria, or spores. Antibiotic drops don't cure all three of these and often don't even cure the one they are supposed to. This said it cured all in 30 seconds. No steroids, no antibiotics needed. "Safe as water"? A huge claim. All antibiotic drops take days. Not something I want to risk with blindness. So I bought it. A risk considering no one had ever apparently tried this before for treatment for eyes bad enough to reach being blind but in all my researching what CAUSED blindness (bacteria, virus, spores if not genetic) this seemed to make way more sense.

      As always when I messed with her eyes to wipe or help, she fought horribly hard as I tried to put the first drop of ointment in her eye. Oddly as soon as I did she totally relaxed. In fact she didn't fight me AT ALL when I put it in her next eye. I took this to mean pain must have been there and stopped. (as the bottle claimed it would.)

      10 minutes later I was on the floor talking to her sweetly as I always did when I cleaned her eyes after this happened to her--telling her how brave she is, trying to offer any comfort and soothing that I could verbally down at her level on the floor. For the first time, she turned and looked at me! She then brought her face right up to mine, almost touching my nose, and turned her head back and forth as I spoke like a dog does when listening to you. I put a treat down on the floor--she went and got it! I just blubbered like a baby. I thought it impossible. I then used a flashlight on the wall and she followed it!

      Bear in mind, she wasn't just partially blind. This chicken was so blind I could put a finger almost on her eyeball and she wouldn't blink. Anyone touching her scared her badly because she didn't see it coming and didn't know if it was a person or a hawk. She couldn't find her food bowl at all unless I moved it around a bit as she tried to peck and find it after I made my "food" noises to alert her it was there.

      It wasn't so easy that she was just cured. The next morning her eyes were swollen again and goopy. (probably healing) I applied more. I saw no change instantly though as I had before and I had to leave for work. I came home at lunch as I always did to feed her and her eyes were open. She seemed to see some but I wasn't sure. I applied another dosage (putting a big glob on my finger worked better as long as my finger didn't touch her eye, just the glob). She then began picking out her favorite grains (the reddish ones) from the feed a few minutes later. I had to leave back to work, but left feeling very hopeful as it appeared to be clearing everything out..

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      • Part 3 -

        I came home and not only did she look right at me but the raspy breathing she had had was gone (possibly clearing something from leaving her eyes to her nasal cavities). Both eyes were open. I took her out of her indoor hospice (the guest bath) and outside. When I did this before she would just lay down in fear. Today she began eating grass. Finding bugs, exploring and digging, following me as I walked. Taking grass blades I held out for her! I got so excited I called everyone.

        I prayed and prayed for this chicken. She is only a year old. It broke my heart. I feel like this is my holy water. What every expert told me--to cull her (never!!) or allow her to just learn her way blind went unheeded by me as I am way too stubborn. I wouldn't give up on her. I first researched the causes like mad and although the symptoms are all the same and no one healed them, I felt that this experimental treatment seemed to treat the causes far more so than the things suggested that NEVER WORKED on anyone else with a blind chicken.

        I should add EVERY time I used the drops the same thing happened. She fought me hard trying to handle her eye but as soon as I did she relaxed and eventually even OPENED her other eye to be soothed as well! Soon she she learned to open both eyes readily, happy for the relief she knew was coming.

        I took pics of her blind swollen eyes when trying to get help. So I took more pics as she healed. I will post them.

        Whatever bacteria, virus, or mold spore that attacked her and didn't respond to antibiotics or at least not fully, instantly was hit on first use. Continued use resulted in a crazy unexpected fast CURE!!

        I am their biggest fan. You can't put a price on what I just gave back to that hen. I found story after story on the internet of people asking for help for a blind chicken. I found no story of anyone who had ever cured one...and I will, therefore, shout at the rooftops about this in hopes that it may help more chickens who would, instead, become unprotected from predators, unable to find food, unable to have just a simple calm life...

        That said, the only negative I can say is that I looked at the expiration date today and it's next month! Bought at Buck Moore feed store in Austin not here) because of the cost, this actually sat on the shelf I guess too long. The price is steep. But in my mind it's like buying 3 medications. So it's cheapER. Plus nothing else is instant. I hope the price goes down for that reason. It was also expensive for me to have to go home from work daily to feed her and water her and spend evenings trying to heal her and calm her so in my mind this is a bargain...but still, in comparison to other ointments I'm not sure what the price is. Since she slung a bit off each time, I had to use globs so it doesn't last forever either.

        That said, my last chicken vet bills were $700 with no cure.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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