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  • tkachuk7fan tkachuk7fan May 16, 2013 10:41 AM Flag

    Really? Diluted Bleach?

    Having a hard time buying the "diluted bleach" argument. Someone bought $3 million in "diluted bleach' last quarter. If they'll buy $3 million in "diluted bleach", they'll buy $6 million, or $12 million and so on. If your product is being approved and bought by consumers who cares what the product is?

    The diluted bleach argument needs to go away. It's just another Bear trying to beat down this stock.

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    • The stuff is essentially diluted bleach. That is a true fact regardless of sales or benefits. That doesn't make it bad, it just makes it common. It means that anyone could compete with them. The reason there have only been a couple of competitors so far is because they only have $3M in sales. So far they haven't sold enough to even make a profit. At this point going forward, there are three possibilities as I see it. A. Continued small sales - too small for even OCLS to continue operations even if they are making a small profit. B. Modestly elevated sales allow OCLS to make a respectable profit but not enough to attract new competitors. C. The product takes off earning big profits. Numerous competitors enter the market, price competition starts and only the most efficient producers (who probably just buy bleach and dilute it) driver the others out of business. Note that only scenario B leads to a modestly successful OCLS while the other two lead to death. None of the scenarios lead to a spectacular success in the stock market.

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      • Inger, you don't know what you are talking about. It is diluted bleach the way KERX's ferric citrate is really ferric ammonium citrate. Wrong! OCLS has 24 issued patents and 100+ pending applications "directed to chemical compositions, apparatuses, methods of manufacturing and therapeutic uses." Diluted bleach does not receive a USD patent. It may be a simple compound, just like Niaspan was for King Pharmaceuticval (long-release form of Niacin), but it can make millions.

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