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  • loanthony loanthony Jun 28, 2013 1:50 PM Flag

    Future of OCLS

    I'm fairly new to the stock and own a few thousand shares based on some recent (major!) dips. Not sure where this thing is going but I am wondering if management is the primary problem/concern or if there is an underlying business model flaw. Or both. From some basic research, the management team has been quite ineffective in delivery results and has over-promised consistently for the last couple of years. There is no argument there. However, given that they company's products are commercialized and selling (to some degree) leads me to believe it is a supply/demand/marketing/merchandizing issue as well which is also placed on management's shoulders. Yes, the product line is somewhat commoditized and the barriers to entry for this space are reasonably low (despite patents and the like) but companies like Chipotle (burritos) and Heinz (ketchup) and even Starbucks sell pretty run-of-the-mill items but just do it better than the competition. Not saying OCLS will become any of those companies but managing your pricing, inventory, marketing, sales channels, production, etc are as important as anything which I don't believe OCLS is doing well. Sorry for the rambling but like many you I've lost some dough here and just want to see the bigger picture.

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    • You say: From some basic research, the management team has been quite ineffective in delivery results and has over-promised consistently for the last couple of year

      You say: the product line is somewhat commoditized and the barriers to entry for this space are reasonably low

      I see a horrible 1 year chart and a horrible 5 year chart. I see at least 12 consecutive quarters of losses. I don't see a good reason to buy this one. IMO, I have found success looking for best of class, with at least good fundamentals, and a reasonably good chart helps too. Don't see it here. Hopefully you are diversified!

    • jmcurtissr Jul 3, 2013 5:03 PM Flag

      Do yourself a big favor and sell. You will never recover your loss and will probably loose even more money if you hold. Ocls is a dog with flees and has never shown a profit and never will.

    • Heinz, Chipotle and Starbucks sell products (and services) that, while hardly unique, at least have some degree of differentiation in the marketplace. They are also big companies that can match or crush the competition depending on their size. Sure they were small once and you could have made big money investing with them early on. But you could also have lost all your money investing in restaurant chains, coffee house chains and kechup makers they went bankrupt long ago.

      The stuff that OCLS sells is a simple chemical solution which can be closely (if not identically) matched in your kitchen. Despite their claims, they have no patents covering the solution because it is unpatentable. IF they ever had any real degree of success (like making a profit) they could be pecked to death by ducks (small competitors) or crushed by Godzilla (e.g. J&J).

      Furthermore, their dishonesty in their business dealings (claiming to have patents they don't and pretending that their product is something other than a bleach solution) should tip off the wary investor that this is not a company you want holding your money.

      There may read responses claiming that the above facts (patents and bleach) are wrong, but I can and have supported these with documentation many times. If they tell you there are patents on Microcyn, demand the patent number and then read the claims (if they even respond). They are either just applications or they do not cover anything OCLS sells. If they say it isn't bleach water, demand they tell you what is in it that is not in diluted, pH adjusted Clorox. If they say "hypochlorous acid", they are lying because the Clorox solution will contain just as much as microcyn, or even more if you want.

      Finally, I have been saying this on this board and enduring name-calling, accusations and derision for almost four years. In that time I have seen many OCLS cheerleaders come and go while the stock has lost 85% of its value.

    • Motley Fool gave it 5 stars. The way I look at it...You may want to sell. Oculus Innovative Sciences (OCLS) a 5 star rating? It is down over 60% in the last 2 months alone. It has not reported earnings since Q4 for 2012 with a loss of 2 million dollars, 1.1 million negative cash flow, with a negative $868,000 balance sheet. These and other stock ratings have been way off and usually get hammered right after earnings. The Motley Fool has been notorious for 4-5 star ratings that get hammered right after earnings. I had 5 stocks they highly rated get killed right after earnings. Be Careful or use this info to short maybe?...Right?

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      • This company is not designed to make money. It is designed to pay high salaries and to sell stock into the hands of fools. There are now 6.5 million shares outstanding and I am sure that in the future there will be more. I figure that in 2-3 years, the stock price will be under $1.00 and another reverse split will be in order.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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