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  • BingTsang BingTsang May 26, 2004 11:29 AM Flag

    People not listening?

    I think everybody here knows that I have a very good source for information with the company now. Instead of bad mouthing me, maybe you should just shut your mouths and listen. The stock will test the high 30's before bottoming out. There is a real good shot to sell off, (even here, though I sold 6,000 shrs. above 47.50)and buy it back for 5-6 dollars less sometim in late June.

    Sometimes it pays to listen to people who are connected instead of loud mouths.


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    • "I will be glad when Microsoft has a Firewall and Antivirus program."

      Ah, the uneducated masses...

      Look at your copy of Windows XP a little more DOES have a firewall.

      As far as anti-virus, simply cleaning up the holes in their operating system will do a million times more good than developing an Antivirus solution to protect paying customers from defects they bought when they purchased the MSFT OS.

    • Dont these idiots ever think that if they "Yankees" i.e. Microsoft tries to get in the game then its a great sector to be in. Quite Frankly, I think SYMC stock would appreciate if Gates played in here...

      Bring it on... good competition makes a strong speculative sector even stronger...

      BTW.. where is HavardGrad.. Did he get the Boston Wedgie

    • hey bing, please stop telling everyone how much money you have. people who do that are always full of shit.


      p.s. and we don't care

    • > Sometimes it pays to listen to people who are connected instead of loud mouths.

      Your not connected, your an ex-employee with an ax to grind.

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      • I am not bragging or anything but I like to let people know when there is a short term opportunity. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE SYMC.

        But its kind of stupid to ignore a downturn and not take advantage of it. Saying the stock will drop to the high30' is only another 10% drop, its not a calamity. Especially when SYMC bascically has "Getty-esqe" monopoly of the IT security market.

        No, I am not an ex-employee of SYMC but quite possibly a consultant for a competitor that has a steak-house on the 1st floor of its main offices in Silicon Valley. (any takers?) Ate there quite a few times, the sushimi is very tasty.

        Yours truly, BING

    • Let's review your posting history here:

      - On 5/24 you called for a bottom in the low 40's, now today it's high 30's.
      - Today, you 'claim' to have sold (short, I assume) 6000 shares at 47.5. How convenient to make that claim now that the stock has dropped.
      - What evidence do you have of your claim (from 5/24) that the company "...the envisioned double split is not going to happen 'anytime soon'"? In addition, you added "...There are issues that most companies would love to have, not enough trained salesmen and not enough order entry staff". Any evidence of this?
      - You have also posted on 5/18 in the WEBX board with similar claims to have 'insider' knowledge, "...Now I am hearing about problems in the home office".

      How can you expect anyone to give you any credibility?

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