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  • yahoo yahoo May 11, 2005 6:50 AM Flag

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    • dqj273,for those of you new to the board
      has been shorting and bashing this stock since it was in the upper 20's pre-split. The stock has nearly tripled while this moron was calling it a "PIG" and all longs idiots and "FUCKERS" for being so stupid to buy a stock that has gone up $50 on a pre-split basis. Sure, nothing goes straight up and everytime SYMC dropped 50 cents he claimed he sold the high and bot the low. However several of his short positions he is still holding and getting murdered. So had he been playing the long side and not the wrong side, he would be long from 37,39,43,47,49 and making huge profits instead of holding horrible short posistions and making 25 or 50 cents on an occasional short trade, which he could do from the long side as well if he just bot first.
      So in closing, he has been terribly wrong for months and months and should only be listened to for his comedic value. dqj, have you looked at the SYMC chart for the past year that you have been calling for it to collapse? It has done the exact opposite. LOL

      Tell your mother not to be to hard on you for pissing the bed at night. Being so wrong for so long has to have driven you completely mad.

    • What do you call that..........
      I call it filling its gap so that it can trade higher next week.....................

    • Someone needs a hug.

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