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  • long_term_tech_investor long_term_tech_investor Nov 17, 2012 2:56 PM Flag

    Symantec Shares Now WAY Over Priced

    Be aware, Symantec shares are clearly over priced and now more of a risk than any time since mid Summer. The market is down huge, tech sector in correction territory and yet Symantec is at $18, back within the same range it was well before the major market drop. And the European situation has worsened since then as well. There are clearly fund rotation and games (and probably some sheer stupidity) causing the recent price activity, Very common for some funds (often hedge funds) to start playing around with a stock (buy and hedge) with intent to then hype and drag the little investors in, only to later skate away protected or with a profit, yet the little guy gets crushed. This is done through a variety of tricks, some obvious, some indirect, the online media almost always utilized in the process, which is why I continue to warn about false hyping.

    Realize this: The share have now baked in pretty much a 100%-scenario of everything being the perfect outcome in terms of execution and new company strategy. The odds of perfect storm however are slim. Meaning it will only take one small dissapointment in earnings, outlook, or company strategy to burst the stock. And that doesn't even begin to discuss the macro risks. In fact, any investors who are familiar with the behavior of the shares over the years knows there is almost always a "buy the rumor, sell the news" reaction. And this is what is almost guaranteed to happen at this point since the news is now fully baked in (and then some). And realize as well, this too assumes the recent quarterly earnings were real, which many people are rightfully questioning. Relatively speaking the shares are now as much as $1.50 over priced at this point and that is a large risk to be taking with all the uncertainty ahead, so any current investors need to take precautionary measures and any prospective investors would be wise to remain on the sidelines as the likelihood of the stock decompressing at some point is growing very high.


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