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  • long_term_tech_investor long_term_tech_investor Jan 24, 2013 12:06 AM Flag

    Symantec Lowers Guidance, January 23, 2013

    Totally omitted from the morning earnings report and press releases today was forward guidance. As it turns out the guidance was lowered on the conference call this evening, and even then it was almost glossed over. Analysts on average expected EPS of 0.39 to 0.40 cents and the guidance offered was lowered to 0.37 to 0.38 cents.

    Will be interesting to see if this important fact is picked up and reported on the press wire or will instead be selectively omitted as part of the carefully constructed share price manipulation that has occurred the last week or two.

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    • Interesting that RBC has raised their price target for SYMC to $25 from $22 this morning and the AH price/share jumped about $.20 cents. Guess the analysts didn't bother to read you doom and gloom postings for some reason. I've been a SYMC investor for a lot of years, the good as well as the bad. I personally, and your mileage may vary, like the straight talk and the direction being taken under the new leadership. I don't see it as lowering the guidance as much as being realistic for a change and perhaps a bit conservative even. Lots of changes taking place so there are bound to be some bumps along the way as the changes take place and get back on track.

      I'm excited to see what's taking place and where it goes. Haven't been this excited about this company for years but I see it getting back to doing what it does best, securing customer's environments and information no matter where they reside. You can't do that by clinging to the old way of doing things. It's going to be an exciting year ahead

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    • The portion of the call that specifically discussed next quarter EPS guidance was quite brief. The real question to ask is why this important aspect was omitted form the earnings report in the morning. The reason is, the share price is getting intentionally gamed. Just like the leaked Altiris sale and the surprise early release of the earnings report, combined with the coordinated sequence of analyst hypers last week.

      Stop the childish name calling and trying to distract from the important facts.

    • The webcast I and everyone else watched had two slides that they spent 10 minutes regarding guidance for this year and the next three years... not sure how you missed that and everyone else saw it. Did you miss your schedule medication? Or were you to busy writing again to offer a factless opinion?

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    • Amazing how quickly the 'concern' troll has devolved back into the Neanderthal troll...perhaps LT should be classified as the Quixote troll, forever charging those windmills...

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