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  • stock_market_surfer stock_market_surfer Jun 13, 2013 5:57 AM Flag

    Recycled Hype and Further Price Erosion Ahead

    It is fair to assume that Symantec will probably soon try to recycle previous hyping, upon which sell-side analysts will then piggy-back and try to reiterate manufactured, over-inflated price targets in order to try and sell more shares off. Overall, investors can likely expect more recycled hype about the 15 cent dividend, layoffs and the 4.0 corporate "strategy". I don't anticipate this having much positive effect. And either way, when that subsides in the next few trading days the shares head lower with the rest of the market, if not outright.

    The shares can be considered fairly priced in the 20 dollar vicinity relative to the current market level, however this also assumes the company can execute in the midst of the many quarters of internal turmoil ahead and also assumes the market can hold up at the current elevated levels. Both of these are unlikely, and a change in condition of either one will result in another leg down in the shares.

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    • If you recall during the latest earnings announcement - They beat both on top and bottom, but fell because they lowered guidance due to the price of the yen. With the yen falling that would undoubtly change the dynamic. Watch for a stretch up to the 25 range by end of moth

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      • Currency issue are going to create problems regardless, the Yen was just another excuse, it has been used by Symantec before. Typical go-to excuse when they fail to execute. It is very doubtful the shares will see 25 again before the company trips on execution or the market corrects. A continued rotation around the 22 mark is most likely in the near term, but again, when the financial conditions show their true colors and the market corrects there is simply too much downside risk to go long on the shares at the current price. People already holding could sell on any small rally and re-position or just simply sit tight and hold their nose for the ride and pray. The easy profit on the extended rally hype from July of 2102 is over and there will be no more replays. The company has to now deliver on all the hype and the odds of success are not in their favor when all the variables are factored in.
        Even the layoffs are not going as planned. Far more worker bees and some solid talent is being lost than originally portrayed in the "plan". Totally predictable though. Internal chaos reigns and will be reflected in the coming quarters no doubt.

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