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  • Facts_and_facts_only Facts_and_facts_only Jul 19, 1999 10:20 AM Flag

    prudential upgrade to strong buy

    Symantec has been transitioning to a maintenance
    model and analysts are just picking up on it. NAV gets
    $4 per year per user. With 5 to 10 million upgrades
    a year, that works out to be $20 to $40 million a
    year. Liveupdate Pro costs $29.95 per year. With one
    million subscribers, it works out to $30 million every
    year. And note that these numbers grow as more units
    are sold. The power of this compounding is massive.
    Please not that Systemworks has only been sold since
    November so we should just see the beginning of the
    Liveupdate pro revenues this quarter. But in the subsequent
    quarters, this revenue stream will grow quickly. Also,
    please note that in most of June, NAV and Systemworks
    were #1 and #2 in retail sales of all software
    products. A year ago, SYMC was lucky to have one product in
    the top ten. With JT in charge, SYMC is no longer an
    easy mark for its competitors. With the free pc craze
    heating up and Mac sales zooming (SYMC earns much more
    per Mac than a PC), and only 33% of home computers in
    the US having AV software, this company can only be
    held back by incompetent management. JT is not going
    to let that happen. So after 9 to 10 years of
    stagnation, let the good times roll.

    As they say,
    "It's not your father's Oldsmobile, er, Symantec". Good
    Luck to the longs.

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