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  • IBDMAN15 IBDMAN15 Jan 25, 2000 8:25 PM Flag

    Response to Scruffy on NETA

    Hi Scruffy, I'm also very long on NETA as I am on
    SYMC. I actually feel NETA had a great qtr beating the
    analysts estimates of 0.17 with an actual before "the
    stuff" of 0.20. This represented a negative 50% versus
    last year but is an acceleration over the previous qtr
    which was minus 76%. The revenues were only down 25%
    from a year ago which was also an deceleration from
    the poor -19% Sept qtr. But the fact is that NETA
    like SYMC is being accumulated by the institutions. It
    has had a group strength of A and an A/D rating of A
    for a while now. I think Larson will get NETA rocking
    again and the old high of $67 (before it's 1999 crash)
    will come again in 2000. NETA's Relative strength is
    back up to 77 and next years' EPS are projected to be
    up by 266%. Still, I like SYMC better.

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    • scruffy_the_wonder_squirrel scruffy_the_wonder_squirrel Jan 25, 2000 11:02 PM Flag

      Hi IBDMAN15

      To set the record straight, I
      actually have no opinion on NETA one way or the other. The
      motivation for my posts was to ward off what I perceived to
      be a potential nuisance poster, Lann_snell. I
      personally despise posters who post on a board for the sole
      purpose of bashing the company/stock and/or promoting a
      competing company/stock. I have had to suffer through such
      posters on other boards and have no desire to do so on
      this one. I have absolutely no problem of a
      thoughtful, respectful discussion of a company, it's
      competitors, it's sector or industry or other related topics,
      just as long as they don't reach down to the "School
      Yard" level...

      As for your insights and analysis
      of NETA, I appreciate that kind of information. It
      gives me an opportunity to learn. I would welcome more
      posts of this type.

      But there is one thing that
      my two previous posts do demonstrate and that is
      that SYMC is a much "healthier" company than NETA.
      NETA may be on the come back trail and their stock may
      perform well in the future as a result, but all things
      considered, SYMC stands on much more stable ground at this


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