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  • Badspe11er Badspe11er May 24, 1999 10:45 AM Flag

    Watch The Float Be Our Friend Again!

    Trading so far has been predictable "Day
    Nothing wrong with that. Name of the game: make
    However... I am betting (and putting my money where my mouth
    is) that once the "sell on news" traders have
    disposed of the millions of shares that they "bought on
    rumor" over the last week(s), the reality will set in...
    This is good news. It means alot of exposure for VDAT,
    and there are only about 5 million shares
    outstanding. Ba Da Boom!!! supply and demand principal kicks
    in. There is no stock to be had. This is a high
    demand stock. Watch the volume.
    There were some quick
    bucks to be made selling on news...
    on those who moved their positions.
    Judging by
    the cockroaches that are coming out of the woodwork
    to tout how well they are doing... this stock is
    going to be in play all week!!! My opinion, Price will
    hit 60s sooner than later. The float will be our
    friend once again!!

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    • LZMCF_is_ready_to_takeoff LZMCF_is_ready_to_takeoff May 24, 1999 11:32 PM Flag

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    • to trade in the opposite direction of your
      instincts. Unless you're as lucky as Manly.

      I am
      increasingly of the opinion that I should simply remove VDAT
      from my watch list and check back in a few years. I
      keep reminding myself that I actually believe I can
      retire on the value of my VDAT stock and the fact that
      they have the RIGHT business concept. If I disappear
      from sight it is simply because reason has taken hold
      and I no longer care about what happens day to

      No pain, no gain. I was briefly back in the 10x club
      last Friday (and arguably over the weekend). Easy to
      forget that I was down 80% from my entry point at one
      time, and even now am up about 8x.

      There is no
      one I know that ever bought this stock that wasn't
      down 50-75% at one point or another.

      There is
      also no one I know that bought this stock more than
      two months ago that has not made a killing of a

      More to come, I think.

      'nuff said.


    • growing_older_but_not_up growing_older_but_not_up May 24, 1999 10:55 PM Flag

      This time. Have traded it in the past and made money. Now, I'm concerned and stuck. No money to buy more either

    • Visual Data, form Web travel

      NEW YORK, May 24 (Reuters) - Visual Data Corp.
      <VDAT.O>, which develops original video content for the
      Internet, said Monday it signed a deal with web media
      programming company Inc. <BCST.O> to
      create a new online travel video channel scheduled to
      launch in June.

      Visual Data said it will provide
      travel-related video content for the channel, which will be
      hosted on's Web site under the "Travel"
      heading, as well as sponsor advertising for the channel
      through's ad services.

      The channel
      will provide vacation and business travelers with
      video tours, previews of hotels, resorts, timeshare
      properties, golf courses and other attractions using existing
      content from Visual Data's video libraries.

      Visual Data will also produce new content including
      destinations, cruise ships and sports facilities through its
      worldwide video production network.

      In addition,
      viewers will be able to take advantage of discount travel
      offers, tour packages and other travel services offered
      by and Visual Data's travel partners. shares closed at $102 on the Nasdaq stock market
      Monday, off $9.25 from Friday's close.

      Shares of
      Visual Data closed at $29.375 on the Nasdaq, off $6.625
      from Friday's closing price.

      (( -- Monica
      Summers, New York Newsdesk, 212.859.1671,

      May 24, 1999 5:12pm


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      would like to see some responses to this one.


    • VDAT will never see $10.And FYI i don't drink tap
      water!!As for margin call-i own my shares
      outright!!!!VDAT+VDATW HA!
      We will all be drinking Dom Perignon,while
      you my friend are stuck in the desert!Better cover
      your a$$ while you still can or is it too late???
      GOOOOOOO VDAT TO THE MOON$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

    • this stock in size at 34. i will cover in the teens just about the time you start to see that i am right and you start crying. GO LOWER VDAT!!

    • will buy it at $10. ya right. and i don't think most people who own this stock have it on margin. shows you what you know. go back to your other boards. ya geek

    • when VDAT hits $10 the four of you will be drinking tap water while you plan on how you'll meet your margin call.

    • basically guys.. i'm broke and i have no choice
      but to hold. I belive this stock will do great things
      in the long run but for now most internet stocks are
      getting manipulated by day traders and short term
      holders. Basically we are going in cirlces. People who
      have cash buy on these dips and sell it all for little
      profit. what ever happend to long term investing? If i
      sell now i lose and the market will probably explode
      after i sell all my shares.. it always happens. I got
      in at 35. Anyone else in the same boat i'm in? it
      might shine some light on my missery if i knew i wasnt
      alone.. anyone?


    • If VDAT hits 50, what ya say we invite Ms. Twirlgirl and Ms. Amazon to a Dom hoedown. The four of us can drink the DOM with straws and plan the next move to 100.

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