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  • kdp2561 kdp2561 May 24, 1999 1:51 PM Flag

    Watch The Float Be Our Friend Again!

    Why? Because stock valuations are no longer based
    on current earnings but rather potential earnings.
    (How much money did AMZN lose last quarter?) Why does
    VDAT have good potential? Because very soon high-speed
    internet connections will be common and nobody is
    interested in seeing still pictures when they can see video.
    If you think that the internet, which you are
    currently using I might add, will look the same in 5 years
    you are seriously mistaken. As far as 4th tier Net
    plays are concerned? Numerous businesses have started
    out in new industries and were touted for their
    unlimited potential only to end up getting over run by new
    companies using the technology of the day to it's highest
    advantage. A good example would be the transportation stocks
    of the early part of this century. They were
    companies that established clear easy to use roads between
    cities before any roads existed and then charged people
    for their use. Suddenly people were getting places 3
    times faster and the economy took a sharp turn upward.
    But, alas, these first tier companies did not take
    full advantage of their resources and were later
    bought out for a song by the much more powerful railroad
    companies (second tier transports if you will). Anyone who
    owned stock in these first tier companies ended up
    losing just about everything they'd invested. Do you see
    an analogy here? Transports -transportation of
    information. First tier companies -Yahoo, Amazon, etc. I know
    many net players will not like this analogy here but I
    fear it may be an apt one. Anyway you can see that I
    view VDAT as the railroad. I think they will "build on
    top of the internet" much like the railroads built
    atop the roads of their first tier competition.