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  • kdp2561 kdp2561 May 28, 1999 3:23 PM Flag


    The stock is oversold -you said it yourself. This
    is a signal to go long not short. It has hit it's 50
    day EMA and bounced up repeatedly why would you short
    it now????! As far as money stream if you are
    looking at money flow into the stock itself it has gone
    virtually horizontal since VDAT hit the 50 day EMA
    suggesting that we will stay where we are until the rest of
    the market catches up! The stock being down this week
    is not an issue the entire market is down this week
    should we short everything?? And finally Manely has said
    the most valuable thing one can say about this stock
    -BUY IT! You are doing something very very dangerous
    by shorting a stock near its 50 day EMA so (as I've
    said before) I hope you've learned a trade.