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  • PosOnAol PosOnAol May 31, 1999 2:54 PM Flag

    vdat up up up soon

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    • that someone with restricted shares plans to sell
      them. Click on the persons name to see if they are a
      shareholder prior to IPO and that is the reason for
      restriction or a true insider. For April filings they are all
      shareholders. NO INSIDERS!! I looked. Insiders must file a #4
      as well when they sell. There is not a time period
      for selling once this is filed. It simply lets other
      stockholders know that these shares have come onto the market.

    • in the same). I sense the bear (market
      wide) is returning to his cave. We really battled at
      the 21.5 war zone today and I'm thinking the longs
      eeked out a victory here. I am very hopeful we've
      bottomed out. I think the prudent thing for any remaining
      shorts to do would be to cover, take your profit and be
      happy. Don't get greedy.... your determination to see
      VDAT go lower may cause you to run like a scalded cat
      chasing an escalating shareprice as you try to cover at
      higher prices.

      With what we've been through with
      VDAT lately, I now almost feel as though I'm emerging
      from a storm shelter after the storm has past and
      surveying the damage. Then I look up and see the clouds
      moving on, clear, clean, blue sky, and the sun shining

      Please indulge me one final philosphical thought. I'm
      not saying all shorts have a pessimistic outlook on
      life. But, from some of the shorters' postings I've
      read here lately, I did indeed sense a very negative,
      sort of "financial meltdown" type pessimistic outlook.
      Sort of like the zealous wing-nut end-of-world
      Thank goodness pessimism is not the rule in this great
      country of ours. Positive thinking, or better yet,
      positive thinking tempered somewhat by realism is what
      makes this coutry great and our markets flourish. OK
      enough, you get the point.

      I just hope I'm not
      "jumping the gun" by venting the relief I feel after
      watching today's trading and finally the last minute
      positive upturn. I think investors, en masse, can only
      stand so much negativism and are always ready to pounce
      on the first positive turn. I believe we are by
      nature, positive creatures, unless beat down by
      environmental circumstances. I hope, and I believe this market
      correction and VDAT correction has bottomed out. Tomorrow is
      a new (positive) day.

      Thanks for allowing me
      to vent some of the tension I felt today.
      good regards,

    • Your arrogance and condescending attitude amaze
      me. Personally, I will sink to the level you referred
      to and call you a dumbass. I have never seen you
      here before and actually beleive you to be a short
      playing reverse psychology. I would prefer that you never
      again sneak your opinion in here, but it is a free
      board and all are free to do as they will. I am long on
      VDAT and I think we are turning soon. GO VDAT!!!!

    • efgterg

    • Maybe you better, because you are starting to stink !

      Clean up, or shut up !

    • just told you to go fuck yourself.

    • I don't want to shock you with a response that
      may not meet your expectations of an "onslaught of
      unthinking invective from the great unwashed in the
      bleachers of this bear-pit of a discussion forum", but I
      guess I'll just have to take that risk.

      You are
      mistaken in your belief that VDAT has no technology. Given
      that this issue has been openly debated (without
      hostility) numerous times on this board before, don't you
      think it's a bit arrogant for you to presume that no
      one will accept your opinions? The tone of your
      message certainly doesn't invite the intelligent debate
      that the content suggests you are

      Perhaps you meant to say that VDAT has no PROPRIETARY
      technology, which would be a substantially correct statement
      provided that you exclude their 51% owned subsidiary,
      EDnet. But to say that they have NO technology would
      suggest that you have never been to their headquarters
      and seen their state-of-the-art digital studios. They
      have the technology and they know how to use it. I'm
      not an expert and can't tell you the specifics, but I
      have seen it and I'm sure VDAT would be happy to
      provide you the detailed specifications and the reasons
      for its superiority if you call them.

      also has proprietary technology for transmitting
      digital master-quality audio across various terrestrial
      and satellite networks. This technology is well
      recognized within the motion picture industry and EDnet
      professionals have won Oscars for it on multiple occasions. You
      can find the details in the EDnet 10-K.

      would fully agree with you that the technology is not
      the key asset, that the business model, market
      positioning, revenue strategy and other factors are what makes
      it an interesting company.

      In the future, if
      you want intelligent responses, I would suggest
      working on your communications approach. While there are
      certainly enough idiots to go around, you might be
      surprised how many knowledgeable people also populate this
      board, many of whom are turned off by messages such as
      yours. I and others welcome open and non-confrontational
      debate about the strengths and weaknesses of VDAT from
      both believers and


    • too many people become emotionally attached to
      stocks and ignore the big picture. simply stated, net
      stocks are overvalued and the fear of rising inflation
      is driving the instituions to take profits in all of
      the high pe names. given how much they have run up in
      the last 3 months alone, odds are that there are
      still a lot more sellers than buyers out there. vdat
      seems like a pretty good little company but is
      overvalued in the grand scheme of things. good luck with
      your ebay short.

    • on ebay. I also sold VDAT at 21.5 this morning.
      Sorry VDAT longs I'm with you long term but I can't
      ignore the new downward trend developed yesterday (see
      clearstation). I hope I will be able to join you all again on
      the next move upward, but I can't cling to a stock's
      potential 5 years down the line. Not in this atmosphere.
      VDAT is in a descending triangle with the resistance
      at 19.75(or roundabout there). If we break through
      the bottom at these levels we WILL keep going down.
      If we move back up we will keep moving up. This is
      the flashpoint we are approaching either today or
      tomorrow. I will trade in the appropriate direction. I
      suggest you do the same. Use the next couple of days to
      determine whether you continue to hold or you decide to
      sell. Don't be angry, it's just my humble opinion. I
      just hope I can time it right and get back in with a
      larger position than I had to begin with for the next
      upward trend. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!

    • My, my....A bit full of ourself aren't we? Lighten up. Dr. Ess will likely be off the board for the remainder of the week as he is studying to take Part III of his CFA.

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