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  • amazonianprincess amazonianprincess Jun 2, 1999 1:40 PM Flag

    Has Greenspan spoken yet?

    if so what was outcome?Thanks.GOOOOOO VDAT!!

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    • its about time you are sober. Randolph and I are drunk with success over this wonderful VDAT

    • In case anybody missed it, Rocky's recent message
      is worth repeating; here it is in its entirety:

      "Finally, some really great news. With VDAT on the National
      Nasdaq millions more people will be able to follow the
      stock. Few realize how few people get to see the 'small
      cap market' in their daily newspapers. Many people
      won't buy stock unless they can track in their paper.
      Also, this increase in the number of shares should
      finally put an end to some of the thinness of the stock,
      which causes it to plummet whenever the slightest bad
      economic news hits. With VDAT on the National Nasdaq and
      the number of shares rising, mutual and retirement
      funds will be encouraged to participate. When the
      public digests this info the stock should begin to take
      off again. Go VDAT!!!"

      Folks, let's take a
      quiet and reflective look at what's really happening

      1. Randy and Alan had a brilliant idea
      and probably went into serious hock to start their
      new company about six years ago;

      2. In order
      to raise working capital, they had to literally give
      away a substantial part of their "sweat"

      3. Now, six years and one public offering later,
      after having drawn very modest salaries while building
      a solid business base, management wants to raise
      substantial capital which can catapult the company, VDAT,
      into the big leagues. At the same time, the principals
      will take out some bucks to cover personal operating
      expenses, both present and previous (well, maybe some
      future expenses, too).

      If you think about it,

      CORPORATION is at the forefront of Internet content providers
      and is now raising the money to further establish its
      leadership position in the all-important BRAND DEVELOPMENT
      category we keep hearing about. Nobody expects VDAT - or
      YAHOO - or BROADCAST.COM - or the scores of many other
      emerging Internet companies - to show big profits and sell
      at historically traditional price earnings ratios at
      this this time. However, if a company can truly
      position itself as an innovative and prescient force in
      its particular niche, it can reap benefits for itself
      and its shareholders for many years to come. This is
      where VDAT is now! I suggest you stick around - as I
      plan to. As Rocky implied, the best is yet to come!

    • that medicine go down!!!

      termers...maybe some volatilty from dilution, from Fed, from
      naysayers..wouldn't expect to see too much more of a drop..maybe to
      $15 if fed screws us. But not for

      Med-long termers put on the party hats cause the fun is
      gettin ready to start. Secondary will bring cash,
      critical mass, credability, the oh-so coveted National
      NASDAQ listing and Analyst coverage, and more content.
      Repeat after me... in the infamous words of Martha
      Stewart.."that is a good thing."

      OK..for all the
      lay-people..VDAT announced a plan to sell 2.0 million shares for
      an undisclosed share price some time in the near
      future. This is a means to raise additional cash which
      will be used to grow our business. Short term traders
      are upset because the share price may decline as a
      result of the dilution (~25%). My guess is that the
      NASDAQ correction has taken enough out of it already and
      we shouldn't see too much more of a
      least not a long term decline. Depends on economic data
      (wage #'s to be released tomorrow could have dramatic
      effect on all markets) and the Fed later this

      What the secondary offering brings is an opportunity
      to move to the National NASDAQ. We are currently not
      on the National market and get very little exposure
      as a result. A National market presence allows us to
      obtain analyst coverage, along with the underwriters of
      the secondary offering, which will get us much more
      exposure..which is what we need. The price of that exposure is,
      unfortunately dilution. I think its well worth it.

      and when the i-net market turns, we will be poised to
      ride the tide. National exposure, analyst ratings,
      revenue production kicking into gear, cash in the
      bank....smells like victory.

      Take the medicine like Men
      and Women and wait for the blessed VDAT relief.

    • Babble,babble,wah,shoulda, woulda, coulda,WAKE UP
      people we're coming into the MONEY$$$$$$$!The numbers
      speak for themselves.How long do you think it will be
      before somebody scoops up those 2mm shares? NOT
      LONG.That's not a lot of shares,and ya can't compare itvu to
      vdat!nor the companies or the spo.Vdat's spo is out lower
      with our stock being down,itvu's was 36 when the stock
      was in the 80's!So stop pissing and moaning.We're in
      the money soon. Content is being seen finally and
      vdat is content=vdat is king. We're getting recognized
      by all the analyst and firms and v viewers! WAKE
      UPand SMELL THE COFFEE!! GO VDAT!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • Lets take a quick look at this deal. VDAT has
      filed a secondary through Cruttendon Roth, the same
      firm that did ITVU's successfull secondary. Cruttendon
      is a firm that will bring in other firms like
      Prudential and Cowen in ITVU's case. They won't do this deal
      alone. They are just filing it to get started at the SEC
      while they find others to go on the book.

      As far
      as the price is concerned, I for one think we are
      getting very close to a bottom on these internet stocks
      -- see for Keith Benjamin of Robt
      Stephens opinion. If they file the book now it will take
      30 days to get the deal done/priced etc by then we
      are in July in the middle of Net reporting season and
      these stocks will be much higher!!!!

    • VDAT is far from running out of money. According
      to their most recent 10q they had almost $3m in cash
      and have all those warrants that can be called. I
      think this secondary is what they need to get to the
      big time!!!

    • This was posted on MarketWatch from Edgar News.
      It's an excerpt from their S-1 filling. It seems to
      give a little more info to the details which apear to
      state a price of $23(which was the 5/27 closing price).
      Also refers near the bottom that they'll us 25M for
      expansion of existing and development of new libraries.
      Also to us 3M to purchase equipment and upgrade

      I'll admit that I'm not the greatest at reading this
      info, so feel free to correct me if I'm incorrect. GO

      Here's the link:

    • i_am_in_touch_with_mike_hunt i_am_in_touch_with_mike_hunt Jun 3, 1999 7:53 PM Flag

      Im sorry that you cant see it. Only a few of us chosen ones know about the apocalypse, but fear not, it will be over soon.


    • i_am_in_touch_with_mike_hunt i_am_in_touch_with_mike_hunt Jun 3, 1999 7:38 PM Flag

      coming to an end. it wont matter if you are short or long because you will be dead.


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