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  • avramj98 avramj98 Oct 28, 2013 8:16 PM Flag

    HDC agreement for SVM

    I do not follow HDVY-HDC at all with the exception of some surface review of their business and reports, but have to say that, upon closer inspection, they are a clusterf$#k from a board standpoint which translates to an operational standpoint as the co. is little more than a group of genetics experts, fractal math experts and computer programming experts. The last 8-K form presented to shareholders on 10/17/13 is a real funny read and it looks like the co. has only one egg, and its in our basket. I sure hope that Bob, Steve and the rest of management got to HDC while they were still thinking clearly, and that Dr. Albitar understands what they do (I suspect that THIS is the key upside as I'm sure Dr. Albitar is the one who saw the real potential for the HDC algorithms for diagnostics) because the 10/17/13 8-K reads like a bunch of teenagers who are throwing insults at eachother. Angelamlsu, I hope that you got in CHEAP!

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    • Hi AJ
      You pretty much hit the nail on the head with HDC. The only thing they currently have going for them is the NEO agreement. At one time they had licensing agreements with Quest, Abbott, Pfizer, and Clarient who was eventually acquired by GE. They also have had a lot of big name scientists and experienced business personal with the company. Over the years I have watched the company self destruct. If it were not for the NEO agreement they would have nothing. They have an impressive arsenal of patents that are being infringed upon left and right. But they have no means to defend their IP.

      Unfortunately I bought the majority of my shares after the Quest and Abbott agreements were inked, and Dr. Albitar joined the company. One thing for sure. Dr. Albitar is using SVM's to develop, expand, and improve current tests. I'm just hoping eventually I will be able to come out from under the water after some of the milestone and royalties payments begin. If DR. Abibitar/ NEO is successful using and sub licensing the SVM tests there is a chance for a fairly substantial income flow to HDC. Trying not to get my hopes to high. Their has been more infighting than a #$%$/ Sunni pot luck could bring. That does not bode well for the company.

      Thanks for your input.

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