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  • raifdfn raifdfn Oct 18, 2013 2:20 PM Flag

    China Stock that Could Double Next Week

    Agria (GRO) looks set to explode from $1.50 to $3+ next week. GRO owns a controlling stake in New Zealand's largest agricultural services company PGG Wrightson. GRO only has 55.38mm shares outstanding and a market cap of $83.07mm when it has trailing revenues of $940.32mm and EBITDA of $27.61mm. GRO is extremely undervalued trading with a market cap of only 3X EBITDA and less than 1/10th of sales!

    GRO only has a trailing net loss due to one time non-cash writedowns of goodwill. Now that these writedowns are behind it, GRO is beginning to breakout and will finally soon reach a valuation it deserves. China stocks have been exploding with many gaining 50%-300% in recent days. GRO is the safest China stock with the largest upside potential because its primary asset PGG is a household name in New Zealand with 99 retail stores serving 95% of farmers nationwide.

    GRO has 3 members of management on PGG's Board of Directors. PGG's annual shareholders meeting is scheduled for Tuesday and a new Chairman will be appointed, possibly for GRO! In fiscal 2013, PGG Wrightson facilitated more than $1.5 billion in livestock sales to New Zealand farmers, sold more than $1 billion in New Zealand farmland, sold seeds sufficient to sow 1.2 million acres of farmland, exported seeds to 47 different countries across every continent, and trained 3,000+ New Zealand students to become farmers.

    GRO made their investment into PGG Wrightson to capitalize on China's rapidly growing demand for food that's fueling huge growth in Chinese food imports. Meat and Dairy products now account for the majority of New Zealand's exports and New Zealand is the only agricultural based economy where the government doesn't interfere in the agricultural sector with subsidies, tax concessions, or price supports. The NZD is skyrocketing and rose from 0.83 to 0.85 vs. the USD this past week. GRO is the best way to capitalize! Disclaimer: We own 550,000 shares of GRO that we intend to sell at higher prices.

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