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  • hailololo hailololo Oct 12, 2010 11:00 AM Flag

    Why Up Today?

    Any news out? does any one know? It maybe some institution buyers start move in today?

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    • poly & wafer shortages with demand being higher than was forecast 3-6 months ago. Reports are that 2011 continues to look strong whereas it was supposed to weaken.
      Solar wafer price remained a price uptrend in Oct.

      Solar PV wafer prices still showed a price up in the past one week, although solar PV players are expecting solar PV demand will be very slow in 1Q11. Furthermore, solar PV wafer players continued to report a tight supply situation, because solar cell makers still have the good orders on hand and have an aggressive capacity expansion in 4Q10. Most solar PV cell makers mentioned European solar PV demand is still good and solar wafer supply is still tight. As a result, solar PV wafer prices went up over 2% in the past one week.

      The depreciation of US dollars also help solar PV component price up this month. Lots of solar PV players are still using Euro for their transactions. Moreover, most solar PV vendors still have lots of orders, even though they think the strong solar PV demand is very close to the end. According to the market survey from PVinsights, most solar PV players think that solar PV wafer and solar PV cell prices will probably have an obvious downtrend in 1Q11. Without the significant order cut, solar PV makers still try to ship more parts and push the price up before the end of the strong demand. Therefore, PVinsights reported all solar PV components prices up, due to the sold solar PV demand and the weak US dollar.

    • There are more buyers than sellers! :-)

    • yes people realizing how undervalued it is. WIll pull a move similar to JKS IMO

      Solar is hot

    • Because of past solar IPO history...

      LDK: IPO price $27, 3 months later, $76

      SOL: IPO price, $13, 3 months later, $29

      JKS: IPO price, $11, 6 months later, $33

      This is why DQ is up today and it could be a triple just like these others in 3-6 months.

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