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  • johnbaf johnbaf Oct 10, 2013 12:31 PM Flag

    Safe Investment

    Despite the ups and downs over the past couple of weeks, I look at FENG as my safest investment. This is a quality company on a very strong success track and I have great confidence the next earnings report will be outstanding. Like everyone else I get a bit antsy when I see a large drop like we've had over the past few trading sessions. But when I relax a bit and consider my reasons for making this my largest dollar stock investment I feel secure that my decision on FENG was the right one. Just wanted to put in my 2 cents.

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    • Johnbaf- Thanks for your insight....I have a question for you- Why hasn't this stock exploded like others in it's industry- SINA,QIHU &VIPS? I have done some extensive research on this stock & can't understand why it doesn't get much love. I will be holding long term because the fundamentals look very bright, but I do scratch my head sometimes.


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      • I'm not sure what your definition of "explosion"is. I entered in June at a $5.54 price point. Today, about 4 months later, my investment has doubled. That's with all the recent ups and downs. I am quite happy with these results. My expectations are that there is still much upside to FENG for all the reasons I've stated before on this board. I still believe that with the next earnings report this will go to $16 - $18 within a short time. So within a 6 month period my investment could easily triple. For me, that's explosive. I only wish I could triple all my investments in a 6 month period!
        BTY...I also hold KUTV which has gone from $1.70 to $2.93 in less than a week. Maybe that better fits your definition of explosive.
        Bottom line, I do agree with you that FENG is undervalued. Furthermore, there have several recent articles and reports lauding FENG and also stressing its potential. It getting some "love" with more to come. LOL

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